Art & Design Technology

Older children enjoy learning Art and Design Technology in a designated studio with their class teacher, which allows them to work on larger projects and have more space for their creativity. Younger children usually use their own classrooms.

The children are encouraged to work independently and collaboratively. They regularly have the use of the many different materials, media and equipment that are available. We also research subjects, by the use of the Internet and can print out valuable information from the school’s computer facilities.

Each year we select a famous artist and all of the children, across the school, explore their techniques and styles before creating a whole class project, inspired by that artist. Previous works, inspired by Manrique and Monet, can be seen around the school. Year 5s 2015 project was displayed at the Hall Place Gallery.

We also have some creative clubs at West Lodge that have produced artwork that can be seen all around our school. Children are regularly encouraged to work creatively and they have brightened up our corridors with interesting and varied projects.