Food Technology

Food Technology lessons for Years 1,2 4 and 6 are planned around the concept of the 'Eatwell Guide', which develops the children's understanding of how to achieve a balanced and nutritious diet. Foods prepared during practical sessions range from vegetable stir-fry and savoury flans to tasty salads, flavoured breads, scones and healthy rock cakes. This enables the children to learn how composite foods are prepared and to discover how ingredients from different food groups can be combined to produce healthier dishes.

Lessons for Year 3 and 5 are planned on the basic practices and principle of food technology. To complement their science studies, the children will learn about different reactions that occur in baking such as the fermentation of yeast and the action of baking powder, the effect of heat on vegetables as they cook and the changes that take place during freezing. The children also learn about kitchen safety, food hygiene and storage as well as equipment located within a kitchen environment. They even get to explore their taste buds with a blind tasting of 4 different liquids.

Great emphasis is placed on encouraging the children to try new 'tastes', especially fruit and vegetables, and to experience a wide variety of ways to prepare, cook and serve them.

They are also made aware of food allergies and that it is for this reason that food is not allowed to be brought into school from home for lessons.

I also run after school cookery clubs where children can make cakes, biscuits and other delicious delights and a cake decorating club where they can learn to pipe simple designs and make icing models.

I worked for 20 years as a Community Health & Food Advisor for Sainsbury's and was a member of the Jamie Oliver 'Food in Schools'' project team. I also ran the ‘MEND’ programme at Hurstmere School, which helped children with a higher than average BMI and their families, to lead healthier lifestyles.

In addition to teaching at West Lodge, I am a tutor at the Learning and Enterprise College, Bexley (LECB). I have a long association with West Lodge as both, I and my two children were educated here.

Mrs D Jones - Head of Food Technology