History is an integral part of the curriculum at West Lodge. We provide the children with a variety of experiences which are appropriate to their age. The Foundation Stage children work from ‘now’ to their immediate past. We then move on to KS1 and KS2 topics, covering topics such as the Tudors, the Romans, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Victorians. We use artefacts and both primary and secondary information sources to research life in the period being studied. The children learn to present their work in a variety of formats and are taught how to write informative and factual accounts. Use of ICT is encouraged in this subject, especially for finding relevant pictures and diagrams to use within written work. Many educational visits take place in order to help bring topics to life. Recent outings have included the Florence Nightingale Museum, the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, Mueum of London,Transport Museum, The Globe Theatre and the Museum of Childhood. Visitors are also invited into school to expand pupils' experience of the topics. We have recently held a World War 2 day and a Royalty activity day.