SEN and Learning Support

At West Lodge School, pupils who are experiencing some difficulties are identified from an early age, leading to classroom strategies being put into place by the class teacher.

Pupils are referred to the Learning Support Department when the classroom strategies put in place by the class teacher have not led to the expected response and progress and a school-based action then becomes necessary.

The SEN Co-ordinator may then make appropriate informal assessments and gather information with parental knowledge and permission.

An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is then drawn up using targets which are small steps to helping develop the pupils’ learning and progress. The pupils and their parents are included in the IEP process and its termly reviews in what is considered a triangular partnership. The pupils will be supported by Learning Support Teachers within the classroom setting and/or individually, as is considered most beneficial.

Should the children need further intervention then formal assessments are sought from different specialists such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and from areas of medical specialism such as Occupational Therapy, Community Paediatricians, Visual or Hearing Impairment team and CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Services) to advise and help West Lodge staff to plan an appropriate plan of action for our pupils.