The West Lodge Maths syllabus follows the new 2014 National Curriculum and currently uses the Collins Busy Ants maths scheme. Pupils throughout the school are encouraged to enjoy this subject. The working environment is such that a child feels secure to attempt new challenges as they are set. They are also encouraged to realise that there may be more than one correct method in answering a question and that different children may prefer different methods.

Children are expected to work in groups and pairs as well as individually and to assess their own work as well as give feedback to their teachers. IT is frequently used to aid learning; the interactive whiteboards in each classroom often provide lesson starters for example. Those children who have difficulties with maths are given much support through TAs and the SEN department both inside and outside the classroom.

Children learn both formal and informal ways of calculation and a variety of methods for using the four rules of number which are extensively explored over the years. Times tables are taught during Year 1 and are regularly practised in subsequent year groups to consolidate their knowledge which is put to good use in mental mathematical work. An emphasis is put on learning mental strategies and how these differ from written methods.

The children enjoy topic work and progress with plenty of hands on experience using practical apparatus. Data handling is repeatedly visited from Year 2 firstly by collating class data and by representing the information as block graphs, Venn diagrams, pictograms, tables and Carroll diagrams. The children then use the skills that they have learnt to interpret information set before them.

The topic of shape and space is explored through practical work, investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and their dynamics as they are rotated and reflected. Angles in shapes are visited early on in the school beginning with right angles and later progress to calculating missing angles as they move further up the school.

Much importance is placed on the continuous progression of the application of skills to everyday situations and problem solving, ensuring that our children are thoroughly prepared for entrance to Secondary education. The school prides itself on the high standard of mathematical ability of those children leaving West Lodge. The percentage of those finishing Year 6 with a Level 5 or 6 in Maths has been consistently much higher than the national average.