Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum at West Lodge aims to reflect the multi-faith society which exists in the modern day Great Britain. The children learn about Christianity and the other major religions through the study of the sacred texts and the main religious festivals. The children’s knowledge is extended through the use of dvds, stories and discussions. They are encouraged to share their own experiences and beliefs. Visits to local places of worship are also arranged.

West Lodge welcomes visits from parents and members of the extended family to talk to the children about their beliefs and how those beliefs are put into practice both at home and at their place of worship.

Much of the moral teaching occurs as situations arise and not just in Religious Education lessons. Whole school assemblies are held three times a week. One of these is a birthday assembly, where any child with a birthday during the previous week, will be able to celebrate with the rest of the school. Friday assemblies tend to be either a presentation of work occasion or a class assembly. The parents of the children involved in the class assembly are invited to attend and join us for tea or coffee afterwards.