After School Care

Nursery - Year 6

M43A4386Our After School Care facility is open until 6:00 pm and pupils attending this should be collected directly from the after school care classroom.

Children left on the premises after 3.35 pm/4.35 pm are taken into our Crèche facility for Nursery to Year 2 or Homework class for Years 3 to 6. After 4:30 pm Homework and Crèche amalgamate. The cost is £5 per session (3:30 pm to 4:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm). A snack is provided and all children should be collected by 6:00 pm.

Parents with children in Crèche, (or who have been taken there as they have not been collected from school by 3:35 pm or 4:35 pm if attending an After School Club), may contact the Supervisor directly on the school mobile telephone number to advise of any delay or of any other relevant urgent information.

Details of this number are provided to parents in the Class Handbook.

Please note that any pupils remaining in school after 6:00 pm, and where no message has been received, will be cared for in accordance with the terms of the Child Protection Policy.