Aims & Ethos

· To create a secure and intellectually challenging environment based on a broad and balanced curriculum, which will enable each child to feel safe and to reach their full potential.

· To encourage each child to regard themselves as valued and successful, thereby developing and maintaining high self-esteem.

· To promote a ‘growth mindset’ so that our children see a challenging task as an opportunity to test themselves, to learn and grow from the experience.

· To develop links with home so that parents and school can work in partnership for the benefit of the child.

· To foster each child’s moral and religious awareness to nurture co-operation, tolerance, empathy and respect for themselves and others.

· To encourage independence so that each child can take responsibility for their own learning.

· To display and promote good behaviour at all times in order that each child can accept responsibility for their own actions.

· To structure a wide range of learning experiences which offer equal opportunities for each child to experience success.