ICT Agreement

This ICT Agreement can be printed out and displayed near to or on your computer.

The following agreement establishes the online ground rules for our home. We will display this agreement and update it periodically as our children grow older.

  1. We will never give out personal information such as our last name, address or phone number. We should also not give out the name of our school, our city, our siblings, our sports team or our parent’s workplace.
  2. We all agree not to give our passwords to anyone outside of our family. We have all agreed upon user names to use while we are on the Internet. I will not change the settings for my computer or my password without my parent’s permission.
  3. We all agree to limit our online time so that it doesn’t interfere with other activities. We agree to follow the time limits that our family sets and not let the Internet take time away from homework, sports, face- to-face interactions or family time.
  4. I will never meet an online friend in person. Just as I stay away from strangers on the street, I will be careful about strangers on the Internet. If anyone ever asks to meet with me off line, I will notify my parents immediately.
  5. I will tell my parents right away if I come across something that makes me feel uncomfortable. If anyone uses bad language or mentions things that make me uncomfortable, I will immediately log off and tell my parents.
  6. I will not remain on or click on a page that says, “For Over 18 Years Only.” If this happens, I will log off and I will let my parents know. I understand that I’m only a click away from bad sites and that these pages are definitely not for kids.
  7. I will only download pictures and files with my parent's permission. Some of these files may contain inappropriate pictures or dangerous viruses that could mess up our computer.
  8. I will not send pictures of my family or myself to anyone online. The only way that I am allowed to do this is if my parents say it is all right.
  9. I will be safe everywhere. I will follow the same Internet safety rules at my friends’ houses, at school and at the library as I do while I’m at home.
  10. I understand that nothing is private on the Internet. I agree that my parents can read my mail or check the sites that I have been visiting — not because they don't trust me but because they just want to make sure that I am safe.

We undertake to abide by the above ICT Agreement:

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