School Houses & Points

At West Lodge we have four School Houses named after our Patron Saints:

St George's House - House Colour Red

St Andrew's House - House Colour Blue

St David's House - House Colour Yellow

St Patrick's House - House Colour Green

All pupils are allocated to one of the School Houses. We have a reward system that recognises excellence in all areas of school life including behaviour, academic work, effort, manners and politeness or citizenship for example. Children may attain one or more stars or a whole House point, which are recorded on a classroom chart. For every five stars received the child earns one House point for their School House.

At the end of each week the total number of points for each School House are added together by the Year 6 House Captains who announce them during Friday's assembly. The Head Teacher then advises the whole school of the cumulative total for each House and at the end of each term a cup, dressed in ribbons of the appropriate House colour, is presented to the serving House Captain and then displayed in the school's trophy cabinet. The winning House also has a special House lunch at the end of term.

Each House has its own banner, which hangs in the School hall. These banners were originally designed and painted by the House members.