3D Shape Museum in Reception

Reception have been learning all about 3D shapes and have enjoyed a '3D Shape Museum' in the classroom: where they brought in objects from home that were of different 3D shapes. After exploring lots of fun 3D shape-related activities over a couple of weeks, they ended their learning by making delicious 3D shape ice creams! They featured a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a cuboid. Needless to say, the Reception children have loved learning about 3D shapes! 

IMG 3404

House Cross-Country 2019

On an afternoon perfect for running the children in Years 3-6 competed in the now annual House Cross-Country Competition. With four races, the children all ran with determination meaning the differences  between the house scores in the overall competition were minimal. The final positions were:

1st St Andrews -Blue House 110

2nd St David - Yellow House 114

3rd St Patrick - Green House 114

4th  St George - Red House 116

Individual Results

Year 3 & 4 Girls’ Race

1st Annabelle 2nd Elisha 

Year 3 and 4 Boys’ Race

1st Noah 2nd Trey 

Year 5 & 6 Girls’ Race

1st Isabelle 2nd Joanna 

Y5 & 6 Boys’ Race

1st Oliver 2nd Samuel 

World Book Day 2019

The pupils and staff of West Lodge certainly embraced the themes of Castles and Time Travel for World Book Day. Whilst the children enjoyed the regular activities of DEAR (drop everything and read), buddy reading between EYFS, KS1 and KS2 classes there was the extra challenge for the children to work out mystery dates in history as well as draw and name different parts of a castle. The work produced throughout the school ranged from time travel to adventures in enchanted castles, all of which demonstrated the enthusiasm that the children felt for the themes and their love both of books and creative writing.

Mrs Coleman - Head of English

Y5/6 Mixed Rugby Tournament (London Youth Games) - 6.3.19

On Wednesday the 6th March, the Year 5/6 mixed tag rugby team went to a tournament hosted by Beths. As we arrived, we saw a lot of schools, which meant a lot of matches. In our group,  we played Fosters and Old Bexley. Altogether we won 2 matches, lost 1 and drew 1 in our group, which meant we did not go through. After, we played 2 friendly matches against Burnt Oak and Old Bexley. We drew against Old Bexley and won against Burnt Oak. Unfortunately, it did not count to the overall scores but most importantly we had fun and worked as a team. Thank you to Mr McCabe and Mrs Calland for taking us and being a great support. 

Written by Oliver, Zoe and Emma