Year 2 visit to Leeds Castle 08/06/16

Year 2 visited Leeds Castle on 8th June 2016 in connection with their Science topics this year.

Before their workshop, the children were given a guided tour of the castle and learnt lots of interesting facts about the history of the castle. They were particularly taken with the murder holes and the use of the moat water for bathing despite having been toiletted in!

After lunch (another highlight of any school trip!) the children then took part in a drama workshop retelling the story of Sybil the Cygnet who tries to find her parents once she has hatched and meets lots of other creatures with very different habitats along the way. The children really enjoyed dressing up for this activity and remembered the story well.

The children saw lots of species of bird whilst walking through the grounds and learnt about how they attract their mates and where they nest. They also learnt the different names for the males and females and young.

We were blessed with beautiful weather for the day and the children were full of the information they had learnt at school on Thursday.

Thank you very much to the parents who accompanied us on this visit.