Bexley Kwik Cricket District Finals

On Wednesday 15th June our Year 5 and 6 cricket team went up to Sidcup Cricket Club ready for the Bexley District Finals with 15 other schools competing. We were given our group and found out we were to play St Stephens, Fosters and Barnehurst.
At 1pm the games began. After a pep talk from Mr McCabe and some warm up bowling and throwing on target West Lodge were ready and eager to win. They performed some brilliant and strategic batting and managed to bowl and catch some of the other team out. West Lodge won the first game 239 runs to 189. We then played our second game against Fosters primary. Again, the children worked brilliantly as a team with some strong bowling. Credit must go to Walton who made the most outstanding catch from 3 ft off the ground and with one hand fully outstretched! West Lodge won 251 runs to 216. We then found out we were up against some of the favourites to win, Barnehurst. West Lodge fought hard but their team was very strong and unfortunately we lost 201 runs to 238.

We then found out we came second overall in our group so were then moved onto a different pitch to play our last two matches. We were up against St Olaves, who we have played in a variety of sports. Both teams were equally eager and equally matched for this game, it was incredibly close and hard to tell. West Lodge just managed to pull ahead with 216 runs to 211, only a 5 run difference. West Lodge then found out they were playing for 5th place overall. We played Mayplace, who were a very strong team again. Unfortunately, our team were starting to tire by this point. We kept working hard on making our bowling on target and by working together to field, but Mayplace did beat us with 225 runs to 200. They made some very good wickets and catches which lost us runs.

Overall, West Lodge placed 6th out of 16 schools which was a fantastic achievement, and was definitely down to all the hard work the team have put in this term and all their practice in previous qualifying heats and tournaments. Special thanks must go to Mr McCabe for coaching the team and to Miss Ayling for support the team.