Year 2 Trip to Tesco

On Thrusday 23rd February, Year 2 went on a trip to Tesco in Welling as an opener to their History topic of The Great Fire of London. We had a short tour of the supermarket and thought about whether such things would have existed 450 years ago. We considered the types of food people would have eaten and where they would have got them from. We had a tour of the bakery where Ali showed us how bread is made in a modern day bakery. There were lots of different machines and lots of different checks he had to carry out. We had a go at moulding some dough for ourselves. There wasn't time to bake our own bread but Mrs Chelton has promised we can do this is school! Ali showed us a burnt loaf and we felt how hard it was and smelt it! Before we left to catch the bus back to school, we got to taste wheatgerm bread, corn bread, cheese bread and fruit bread. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on this trip. We are looking forward to the rest of our topic now.