Year 3 and 4 Production

We would like to say congratulations to Years 3 and 4 for their wonderful production of “Alice, the Musical”. Many have commented on how professional the children were and how they each shone in their unique roles. We are very proud of the children and commend them on their hard work practising their lines and songs in the weeks prior to the performances.

Special thanks go out to Mrs Slater who worked extremely hard on the songs and on the soloists. Thanks also go to Miss Barrett, Mrs Calland, Mrs Oliver-Brown, Mrs Allen and Mrs Maddern for their magical scenery, complete with cards and mushroom!

Here are just some of the comments the children made when reflecting on their production:

“I loved the play it was very exciting, laughable and suitable for all ages.”
Joanna O, Year 4

“I liked how the dances were performed, and I thought it was great how well the costumes went with the characters.”
Ollie W, Year 4

“I loved the scene with the Mad Hatter in because it was total nonsense!”
Lewis B, Year 4

“My favourite song was ‘Who Stole the Tarts’ and my favourite scene was when Alice met the caterpillar.”
Eddie G, Year 4

“The play was awesome, I really loved it. The scenery was amazing and my favourite part was ‘All in a Golden Afternoon’. Mrs Coleman and Miss Ayling really helped us, and thanks to Mrs Slater, Mrs Newell, Miss Barrett and Mrs Calland for all their help.”
Joseph H, Year 4

Once again, well done!

Mrs Coleman and Miss Ayling