Freshwater Theatre Visit - Year 2 - 13/10/17

'On Friday 13th October 2017, a lasy from the Freshwater Theatre came to our school to teach us about Florence Nightingale and the very dirty hospitals. There were lots of rats and no pllows or blankets and people had to go to the toilet on the floor. The bandages weren't changed. Some of us dressed up as nurses and went on a pretend train journey to Scutari in Turkey to help the soldiers who were hurt in the Crimean War. The lady told us that Florence had a sister called Parthenope and I didn;t know that. I loved the workshop and the bit where we dressed up as a nurse.' Grace B

' Today the Freshwater Theatre Group' held a workshop about Florence Nightingale for Year 2. 

We were told to imagine that the hall was a hospital. The class had instructions of what to do.I was a nurse and had to clean the walls of the ward and bandage the injured. I looked after Robery J who was an injured soldier. We also sang to make the soldiers feel better.

My favourite part was learning about Florence Nightingale's strange pet, an owl!' Harvey L


'The workshop was on Friday morning. An actress called Alice delivered the workshop. The workshop was about Florence Nightingale. My favourite part was being a soldier. I didn;t know that Florence had a pet.' Zak C


'We had  a Florence Nightingale workshop on the 13th October. Miss Florence Nightingale delivered the workshop. She told us all about herslef. Her ambition was to become a nurse. She had to write many letters to her parents and finally they agreed for her to become a nurse. My favourite part of the story was when Florence Nightingale helped the British soldiers during the Crimean War. She introduced hygiene to the militayr hospital e.g changing the bandages, changing the bedsheets regulalrly and cleaning the floors. Lastly, I learned one new fact from the workshop - Florence Nightingale was also known as 'The Lady of the Lamp.' Joachim W