Ross Montgomery Writing Workshops KS2 30.10.17

The children of West Lodge were very fortunate to have the author Ross Montgomery in school on Monday 30th October 2017. Ross took a whole school assembly explaining to the children how his love of reading developed and inspired him to go and write his own books.

Ross spent the rest of the day running creative workshops with each of the classes in KS 2, resulting in them creating some wonderful pieces of descriptive writing. Ross was a teacher before he became an established author so the children were able to achieve a lot in the time he worked with each class.

In Years 3 and 4, children were able to show off and enhance their writing by adding a new setting to Ross’s picture book The ‘Building Boy’ whilst in Years 5 and 6, children worked on creating their own characters using ‘Perijee & Me’ as inspiration. The children were then able to share their impressive work with each other in an afternoon assembly, where Ross also answered the children’s questions. As a school, we feel these meaningful, engaging and exciting experiences are paramount to making children not only enjoy their learning, but see where their learning at this early stage could take them – writing for a living. Thank you to Ross for his positive, humorous and inspiring manner with the children. Some of Ross’s signed books are available to be purchased from the office for a short amount of time.


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