Thursday 16th November - Family Board Game Evening

On Thursday 16th November West Lodge organised our first Family Board Games Evening. Mr Peebles and Miss Ayling run Board Games club every week, and were very excited to invite the Juniors to an evening of board game fun!

We had a variety of different games available, some of which have been very kindly donated to the club or purchased for the club by the PA. Some children also brought their own board games with them, ranging from Cluedo to the Magic Tooth Fairy! The children, however, were particularly excited to play Mr Peebles Beasts of Balance board game, which cleverly uses the iPad.

It was a fantastic atmosphere and the two hours seemed to fly by! During the evening, we saw some Pirate themed games being played, Beat the parents, in which the parents play against the children, and the intense One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Mr Francis also enjoyed playing Hive against some of the children!

It was a very successful (and competitive) evening and we are glad everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you very much to Mr Peebles for organising the event, and we look forward to hosting more in the future!