Monday 20th November - Year 4 Trip to the National Maritime Museum

On Monday 20th November Year 4 went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. We travelled there by train and the DLR. It was a very quick journey!

When we arrived we went to the Children's gallery. In the gallery we could send messages via morse code, using lights or sound, and we could practise loading a ship! After a quick picture on the great map (which took up an entire floor!) we were then ready for our workshop.

Our workshop was called "Meet the Vikings". Our workshop leader, Helen, told us all about Viking ships, including the head at the front of the ship and why oars were needed. We then got into groups and explored some typical Viking artefacts. We then had to pretend we were trading these with Helen, in Iraq, for different  luxuries. Some of us were particularly good at bargaining!

After the workshop we had our lunch, and after lunch we explored Nelson's Ship in a Bottle. Sadly it was then time to go!

We had a brilliant day out, and were very well behaved throughout the entire trip!