Digestive System T Shirt

Year 4 had great fun completing their digestive system t-shirts. First, we drew an outline of the digestive system onto a template. We used our knowledge from previous lessons to help us draw. We had to make sure we positioned each part accurately, so we could then trace the outline onto our t-shirts. We enjoyed painting and using collage to decorate our digestive systems!

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Football Match - Year 5 and 6

IMG 1224On 20th September Year 5 and 6 went to play a match against St Olaves up at Sidcup Rugby Club. We were fired up when we arrived and we were very excited for the game ahead of us. When it was time to play the whistle began the match.

St Olaves played very well and were 3-0 up by half time. Our defence worked very hard to stop St Olaves from scoring anymore. In the second half West Lodge played well, having some good shots on target and some good passes between the team.

The match finished with St Olaves winning 3-0. I think our team played brilliantly, particularly in the second half, and we gave it our all.

Isaac, Year 6

U11 Start of League Netball Tournament 22/09/17

This year's netball season got off to a great start today with our U11 team taking part in the start of league tournament hosted by Colfe's.

The girls played 8 matches in total with only a ten minute break throughout the whole tournament! Their play improved significantly throughout the afternoon and their sportsmanship was commendable with the girls encouraging each other, coaching each other and congratulating other teams on their successes. The girls demonstrated some excellent movement on the court as well as some superb interceptions and shooting. 

The teams played and scores acheived were as follows:

Breaside: 4-2 (Loss)

Blackheath Prep: 6-1 (Win)

Blackheath High: 2-0 (Win)

Colfe's: 2-0 (Win)

Merton Court: 4-1 (Win)

Farringtons: 6-1 (Loss)

Babington House: 7-0 (Win)

Bromley High: 5-2 (Loss)

Thank you so much to the parents who came along to support the team today, to Mrs Backley for her fabulous coaching and to the girls themselves for their commitment and hard work. Here's to the rest of the season. Keep it up girls!

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A Very Messy Science Lesson - Year 4

pic3On Thursday 7th September Year 4 took part in a very ‘messy’ science lesson. We have started our topic about Animals, including Humans, and we were learning about the digestive system. What better way to learn about the digestive system than to create our own!

We watched Miss Ayling demonstrate using different pieces of equipment to represent different parts of the body, such as the oesophagus and the small and large intestines. We were then split into small groups and had a go at showing what happens from food entering our mouth to when it leaves our bodies. We worked really hard to use lots of new and exciting vocabulary to help us understand how digestion works.



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Reading around the World 2017


Mr Francis and Mrs Coleman had the difficult job of choosing winners from the many wonderful entries in the ‘Reading Around the World Challenge’. The children of West Lodge illustrated that their love of reading covers a wide and varied range of authors and genres. A winner was chosen from each key stage; Florence for her delightful review of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, Max for a review of ‘A Lion in Paris’ whilst in Paris and finally for Erin for her detailed review of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. Well done to the many children who participated in the Challenge and ‘Keep Reading’!