Year 3 Netball Festival - 01/03/17

On the afternoon of 01/03/17, a very excited group of Year 3 girls travelled to Blackheath Prep for a netball festival. We had two teams of girls and throughout the afternoon they played against Colfes, Blackheath Prep 1, 2 and 3, Blackheath High, and St Dunstan's. All girls improved throughout the afternoon, getting tighter with marking and more accurate with passing. We definitely need to carry on working on our footwork though! Thank you to Mrs Backley for her hard work in coaching the girls so far, to the parents for getting the girls to early morning practices and to the girls themselves for trying their best. We look forward to more fixtures in the Autumn Term.


Year 2 Trip to Tesco

On Thrusday 23rd February, Year 2 went on a trip to Tesco in Welling as an opener to their History topic of The Great Fire of London. We had a short tour of the supermarket and thought about whether such things would have existed 450 years ago. We considered the types of food people would have eaten and where they would have got them from. We had a tour of the bakery where Ali showed us how bread is made in a modern day bakery. There were lots of different machines and lots of different checks he had to carry out. We had a go at moulding some dough for ourselves. There wasn't time to bake our own bread but Mrs Chelton has promised we can do this is school! Ali showed us a burnt loaf and we felt how hard it was and smelt it! Before we left to catch the bus back to school, we got to taste wheatgerm bread, corn bread, cheese bread and fruit bread. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on this trip. We are looking forward to the rest of our topic now.  

3x3 Basketball - School Games

On Tuesday 31st January our basketball team when to Erith School to play in a tournament with 20 other teams. Louise, Jack, Ceejay and I were in West Lodge 1 and Sophia, Ionut and Taylor were in West Lodge 2. West Lodge 1 won all their matches in their pool and West Lodge 2 won three matches and then drew their last match. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for West Lodge 2 to go through to the Semi-Finals but West Lodge 1 gained a place. In the end west Lodge 1 came 3rd overall and West Lodge 2 came joint 5th. It was a fantastic day.

Beth C, Year 6

Wl vs. Colfes - Netball

On the 27th January the netball team played against Colfes in a league match. Colfes were a bit late but that didn’t matter. We got first centre and straight away we scored a goal. It was a very interesting match because we would score and then Colfes would score. Then our defences kicked into action and didn’t give Colfes many opportunities. It was a very exciting match and we won 11:6. We then played another friendly match and won.

Beth C, Year 6

WL vs. Blackheath Prep - Netball

On the 20th January the Year 6 Netball team went to Blackheath Prep School to play a league netball match. When we arrived on the court we started to warm up. Mrs Chelton then handed our bibs out, we had a group chat and off we went. We had the first centre so we kind of had a head start. It was a very fun netball match, we played two quarters. West Lodge 11-0 and we are all looking forward to our upcoming league matches.

Beth C, Year 6