Year 5 Netball Match

On Thursday 19th January, Year 5 played a netball match against Blackheath Prep. When they arrived we completed some warm ups first, and then we were ready to play. We played 4 quarters, each were 6 minutes long. In the first half we were winning but in the second half they managed to catch us up and they won 8-4. It was a very good game, after we had hot chocolate and biscuits! Although we lost, we still had lots of fun and played well as a team.

Sienna D, Year 5

Netball League Match

On the 20th January the Year 6 Netball team went to Blackheath Prep School to play a league netball match. When we arrived on the court we started to warm up. Mrs Chelton then handed our bibs out, we had a group chat and off we went. We had the first centre so we kind of had a head start. It was a very fun netball match, we played two quarters. West Lodge 11-0 and we are all looking forward to our upcoming league matches.

Beth C, Year 6

Skipping Workshops - 9th Jan 2017

On Monday 9th January Reception to Year 6 took part in some Skipping workshops run by Lizzie. She had us working hard from the minute our workshops started, and we were all exhausted by the end! We learnt a variety of different skills and techniques to help improve our skipping and we even learnt some tricks too! We learnt how to speed skip as well as skip forwards and backwards. Some of us had a go at some tricks including cross-overs, arm wraps and the pretzel! The older children had a go at partner skipping as well as some Double Dutch. At the end of the day the whole school watched a performance where Lizzie and some of the pupils showed us what they had learnt.
We had a fantastic time at our workshops and the show, thank you very much to Lizzie for coming in and working with us!

November Netball Matches

St Olaves

On Friday 18th November the Netball team asked St Olaves over to West Lodge to play a friendly netball match. There were four quarters and whenever a quarter ended everyone would switch to different sides of the court. It was quite hard for the shooters to keep up! When the four quarters were over we gave three cheers to St Olaves, however we were all bursting with excitement as we had won the match 12-4. St Olaves were tough to beat but West Lodge are even tougher! It was a very enjoyable afternoon.


On Friday 25th November the Netball team went to Farringtons. It was supposed to be a league match but some of her players were missing so we made it a friendly instead. We will rearrange the league game. We played four quarters of 7 minutes each way. Farringtons were good at their netball so they weren’t easy to beat, but we did still win 16-3 to us. It was a very enjoyable match to play!

By Beth C, Year 6

Hockey and Football Tournament at Benedict House – Years 3-6

On the 19th October West Lodge went to Benedict House for a Hockey and Football Tournament.

Years 3 and 4 started the tournament off with lots of Hockey matches. The children have only just started learning Hockey and they all worked very hard. The children worked well as a team and enjoyed every minute of it. Isabel in particular made some fantastic saves in goal!

Year 5 and 6 then finished the day with our football matches. We were all excited and ready to play. We won most of our matches with myself, Jack, Jascha, Isaac and Louie scoring some great goals. Everyone else played brilliantly in defence and getting assists. Benedict House played really well today and scored a particularly great goal.

Overall, we had great fun and can’t wait to play them again!

Ceejay S, Year 6