Year 6 Bletchley Park Trip

On March 15th Year 6 went to Bletchley Park on an ICT/History trip. The guides were excellent and everyone had great fun trying to break various codes. It was also very interesting learning about how the men and women there were so instrumental in shortening the length of the war by about as much as two years. Despite the longer than expected journey, everyone had a tremendous time.

Year 1 and 2 Hockey Matches

On Tuesday 6th March West Lodge invited Benedict House along for a  fun-filled Hockey afternoon. Each class had a go at some mini matches and also had the opportunity to practise their Hockey skills in a variety of activities and drills. The children were all very excited and eager to show their opponents (and family!) all the great skills they have learnt over the past few weeks.
We were extremely proud of both schools participation and have made note of the wonderful teamwork that was being shown. The afternoon was greatly enjoyed by all and we look forward to hosting more matches and skills sessions for the younger years at West Lodge. Many thanks to Mr McCabe and Mrs Masters for organising.

Miss Ayling

Mathletics Event

This week, students from Reception up to Year 6 took part in the World Maths day challenge, set by Mathletics. Children were playing against their peers, other members of the school and children all around the world in timed mathematical activities. The children enjoyed taking part in a timed challenge on the ipads and were able to practise their mental arithmetic skills. The children are able to see their results when they log online, and we will find out shortly if any of our students made the Hall of Fame! Well done to all children who took part, as this event also helped to raise money for Unicef.

Miss Ayling

End of the U11 Netball Season

On Wednesday 7th March, West Lodge played their final League Match of the season. It was against Breaside and we were already a  player down through illness when further disaster struck! When warming up, our GA slipped over and hurt herself and was unable to play either! The rest of the team really upped their game and played very well in unfamiliar positions to try to fill the gaps left by their team mates. Jessica scored all 4 of our goals - one from a really tricky position and Zina was voted player of the match for her superb interceptions and defence. The final score was a 5-4 loss to West Lodge but considering the players they were missing, the girls did fantastically well and should be very proud of their result. 

The End of League Tournament was hosted by Colfe's on Friday 9th March. This was played as a versatility tournament with girls having to change positions every half a game. We were still minus our normal GA through injury and also lost another player after match 2 with an injury! The girls found the different positions very tough but tried really hard. It was wet and cold but they kept going and kept smiling! They finished the afternoon in 5th place but the team spirit was great. 

Year 6 have now played their last Netball matches against other schools as West Lodge students and should be very proud of how far they have come. Thank you for all your hard work girls and I am very proud of how much you have improved and how well you support each other as a team. Good Luck against the staff in the Summer Term and then keep up the Netball at your new schools. 

Year 6’s Trip to River Darent - 16.3.18

IMG 1846IMG 1869IMG 1878

On Friday the 16th of March 2018, Year 6 went on a school trip to the River Darent. Once they arrived, they were introduced to a lady named Hannah. First, they went into a classroom in which they planned the experiments that they were going to carry out after lunch at the river. Once they got to the river site, Year 6 discovered that they were looking at a meander. (That is a bend in a river.) Year 6 had to carry out 3 different experiments of the river Darent- the stone survey; the depth of the river at each metre and the speed of the river. The stone survey was measuring the sizes of rocks in the edge, middle and far end of the river. Year 6 measured the depth by using a tape measure to see the width of the river and putting a metre stick in at each metre across to see the depth. To measure the speed, they used a stopwatch to time it and the tennis ball to see how fast it was going- by doing this Year 6 recorded the speed of the river. Finally, they came back to school and went home from the trip. Year 6 really enjoyed this trip and hope to go again! (Maybe they will go again in their new secondary schools!)

Written by Scarlett and Rhea