Year 6 trip to the British Museum

On Friday 26th January 2018, Year 6 went to The British Museum. We got the train, then a tube and then we were there!

When we entered the massive building, we were amazed by how wonderful it was inside! Firstly, we went to see the Ancient Greeks display. There were loads of different types of pottery like vases and plates but there were lots of other things to look at as well such as jewellery and cooking utensils.

We were put into pairs and we had to answer questions about the items in the Ancient Greek section of the museum. It was really fun; although some of the questions were really challenging and made us think!

After we finished, we had lunch and then went to the Ancient Egyptian part of the museum. It was great as we got to see real mummies! There were also different items like weapons and pottery. After that, we had to go home.

I really enjoyed my time at the British Museum; I would like to go back again! My favourite part was probably looking at all of the Ancient Greek pottery because it was very interesting and told us a lot about the Ancient Greeks.

By Jessica, Year 6

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31/1/18 Cross Country Fun Run Years 3-6

On Wednesday 31st January West Lodge hosted our first Cross Country fun run up at Sidcup Rugby Club. A mixture of girls and boys from Years 3 to 6 eagerly took part in the run. We invited St Olaves and Benedict House along to take part.

It was clear how much effort the children put into the race, with some wonderful sportsmanship being displayed across all year groups. All children finished their races and should all be very proud of their success. It was noted how much their overall pacing across long distances has improved.

The event was scored as an average across each school. St Olave’s scored the lowest score possible, deeming them overall winners. West Lodge had some notable finishing positions across all races, with a quarter of all children finishing in the top 10.

Many thanks to Mr McCabe and Miss Ayling for organising the event, and to all the parents who came to support the children. We look forward to hosting more in the future!

Year 5 tackle the plastic problem...

In Geography, Year 5 have been learning about the much publicised issue of plastics in the world’s oceans. Following research and considerable discussion of action that should be taken, the children have written to Michael Gove, Shadow Environment Minister Sue Hayman and Chislehurst MP Bob Neil. In a very mature style, they set out their thoughts of the government’s twenty-five year plastics plan and made their own recommendations to tackle the problem. We eagerly await their replies. As part of this topic, the children have asked to create a West Lodge Plastics Action Plan and will be putting forward practical suggestions to the school council. 


Whilst referring to the school council, we are pleased to be able to advise you that the children’s proposal for a traversing wall has been agreed. Following research by the children into possible designs we can confirm that a traversing wall, kindly funded by the Parents’ Association, will be installed at the start of the Easter holiday. This is a good example of democracy in action!


Welcome to the Westlodgians Podcast

On Tuesday, West Lodge was introduced to a brand new podcast: The Westlodgians. Presented by Joanna, Atenuke, Mia and Kirsten (with the help of Mrs Collins), the podcast will be exploring the issues that matter to the West Lodge community. The first podcast explored New Years' Resolutions: have we stuck to them and how true was 'Blue Monday?' Please look out for it appearing on the school website very soon! 




U11 Netball Update

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The start of 2018 has been busy for our U11 Netball team.

On 19th January, the girls took part in the Road to The Copperbox tournament hosted by Surrey Sports Park at the University of Kent at Canterbury. After the shock of leaving school at 7.30am we arrived, ready to play. 8 schools were participating and the first match was tough. Although they lost, the girls came off court ready to listen to coaching advice and determined to do better in their next game. The second game was much more successful and West Lodge won. After a break, the final game of the heats was played and West Lodge won this too. After lunch, the girls faced the finals. These were all tough games and the girls tired quickly and were dsappointed with their results. The tournament finished with West Lodge in 4th place out of 8 schools. The girls learnt a lot from the tournament and know they need to work on their fitness and put 100% effort into their drills in training and then apply these skills to their matches. 

On Monday 22nd January, West Lodge faced Bromley High in the local league. Bromley High were by far the stronger team on this occasion and the final score was 13-3 to them.

On Tuesday 30th January, the girls faced Colfe's in their league match. This match was much more even and the girls (particularly defence) played really well and ended the game with a 4-2 win. They then had some time to play against each other on friendly terms which they enjoyed and played well.

Thank you to he parents who have come to spectate and support and well done to the girls for their commitment to the team and practice sessions and for their perseverance. Keep it up.