ISA National Netball Tournament

On Saturday 25th March, our U11 team travelled to Oundle School in Peterborough for the final Netball event of the year, the ISA National Tournament. We left school at 7a,m (ON A SATURDAY!!!) to make the 2 hour journey. The school was amazing and we were all in awe of the facilities.

The tournament was tough with the best ISA school netball teams from all over the country competing.

The scores in the heats were as follows: (West Lodge score first)

Grantham Prep: 12-5

Falkner House: 3-7

Hale Prep: 7-4

Gateway: 5-2

Littlegarth: 9-0.


Despite winning 4 out of our 5 matches, we were placed 3rd in our group and so were put into the 'Plate Tournament' but with a bye to the semi finals. Unfortunately, our GS and GK sustained ankle injuries in the final match and so would be unable to play the remainder of the tournament,

 In the semi finals, we faced Littlegarth again. With our 2 substitute players, playing the best they've ever played, this match was extremely exciting and went to extra time with one team needing to score 2 clear goals to win. Our GA stepped up and scored 2 goals in quick succession!

We were then due to meet Lingfield in the Plate Final. After the last time these two teams met, we knew this would be a tough game and that their coach knew our strengths and would have coached her team accordingly. However, despite great play by Lingfield, West Lodge won 8-7!!!

The girls were absolutely exhausted but delighted with their result. What a way to end their Primary School Netball careers!

I hope that all girls continue to play at their new schools and they continue to improve and enjoy the sport.

U11 End of League Tournament

On Wednesday 15th March, Farringtons hosted the End of League U11 Netball Tournament. Having narrowly missed winning the league, West Lodge were determined to do well at this tournament.

First up were Colfes which was sure to be a tough game. They had worked hard on their tactics and were marking our strongest players hard. However, West Lodge managed an 8-8 draw. Nest up were Breaside (the winners of the league) and so West Lodge were anxious, yet focussed. This match ended in a 5-1 win to West Lodge! Blackheath Prep were next and feeling confident from the last match, West Lodge played brilliantly and won this match 9-0. Straight on to face Farringtons which again, promised to be a tight match. But, with some excellent shooting, West Lodge won 6-5. Finally, West Lodge faced Babington House. These were unknown to us as they had forfeited their game with us in the league. This game resulted in a 13-0 win to West Lodge.

West Lodge had won the tournament! They returned to school with a trophy, medals and BIG smiles!

U11 London Live Netball at the Copperbox


On 11th March, our U11 team entered a tournament at the Copperbox Arena at the Olympic Park. 8 schools took part and there were 3 short matches in the heats. West Lodge faced Pembridge Hall School first and won 5-2. Next up were Clockhouse Primary and again, West Lodge played very well and won 9-0. Finally they played Atkins Primary and again, won 6-0.

The girls were very excited that they had played so well in such a prestigious venue and couldn't wait for the semi final against Velmead Juniors. They won this match 6-1 and excitement hit new levels as they realised they had qualified for the cup final which was to be played that evening at half time of the Surrey Storm v Hertfordshire Mavericks match.

When we returned to the arena in the evening, the crowds were gathering and the film crews were set up ready for the Superleague game (and the Cup Final) to be televised on Sky Sports. The girls got to be mascots for the two Superleague teams, walking out onto court with them before the match, then watched the game until half time.

In the final, West Lodge faced Bishopsgate Prep School and in the first half, were winning 3-1. However, in the second, Bishopsgate upped their game and tiredness kicked in for West Lodge and the final score was 6-4. The girls were devastated!

The team played so well throughout the day and coped well with such a long and exciting day and I am immensely proud of them. What an experience to have played Netball in an Olympic venue at the age of 11!

ISA Regional Netball Tournament

On Friday 24th February, our U11 team travelled to Lingfield Notre Dame in Surrey for the U11 ISA Regional Netball Tournament. The first match they played was against St Andrews and although West Lodge did not play to their best, they won 5-1. Next up were Henriette Le Forestier and again, although West Lodge were not on form, they won 2-0. Lingfield were next and we knew this would be a tough game. West Lodge upped their ante but lost this game 3-1.  After a serious team talk, the girls went into their last two matches of the heats against Oakhyrst Grange and Westward. The girls' performances in these matches showed what they are capable of and they won 6-0 and 7-0 respectively.

In the quarter finals, West Lodge faced The Mead and won this match comfortably with a score of 13-0. Feeling confident, they went into the semi finals and faced Oakfield Prep, managing a 9-2 win.

In the final, West Lodge faced Lingfield again. As the reigning Regional champions and host school, Lingfield were very determined and although West Lodge played well, they were beaten 7-6.

Mrs Backley and I are incredibly proud of the girls for turning their play around on the day and achieving a place in the ISA National Tournament to be held on 25th March. Keep up the hard work and practice girls...!

Mrs Chelton

Reception's Adventure to the Cutty Sark

On Thursday 23rd March, Reception  embarked on a journey of discovery. We walked to Sidcup Rail Station and caught the train to Lewisham, where we changed onto the Docklands Light Railway. Alighting at Cutty Sark station, we walked to the National Maritime Museum, where we had a much-needed lunch. Returning to the Cutty Sark, we met Jack the Rat who wanted to become a sailor. We helped him learn the skills he needed and found out about what life was like for sailors when the ship sailed. Before returning to school, Reception finished the day by visiting the bank of the River Thames to watch the boats and chase the pigeons!