School Journey - Day 4

A wonderful morning spent at the Goat Cheese Farm, in which the children were able to hold and experience milking goats if they wanted to. The children then experienced the highly anticipated Snail Farm. West Lodge learnt about, held and then ate snails. It was then back to the chateaux to get ready for the much talked about disco. Children were able to cut their shapes on the dance floor, which they certainly did.

This morning, we head home via Nausicaa - the sea life centre. Children are looking forward to seeing their parents later and returning home, but will miss their dorms and the close living quarters they’ve experienced for the last 4 days... 

For Year 5, Osmington Bay 2020 awaits... 

School Journey - Day 3

Day 3

After a hotly contested sandcastle competition at the beach, the children practised their French at the local creperie and then devoured either their chocolate or sugar crepe in no time.

In the afternoon, the children were a credit to West Lodge with their very respectful behaviour at Etaples War Cemetery. They also enjoyed some free time, in which a three way pétanque battle between Mr Sandys, Mr Francis and Mr Weighill took centre stage. This game has quickly been adopted by staff and children alike, so expect to see a Pétanque pitch at West Lodge very soon.

In the evening, children enjoyed Forest Games, in which they had to demonstrate a high level of tactics and strategy to become winners of Mr Sandys’ much enjoyed game of Kick the Can. 

Room inspections on the whole continue to be a challenge, and you would expect scores to be going up throughout the week. It seems this year, the children have other ideas. 

School Journey - Day 2

Day 2 

After an early start (for some), the children and staff enjoyed a game of cricket on the beach as well as a paddle in the sea. Some children attempted digging holes back to England... unsuccessfully. 

They then enjoyed learning how to make croissants and bread at a local boulangerie, almost as much devouring them afterwards. The theme of food continued in the afternoon as the children explored how to make sweets at Becasuc (Sweet Tooth). Children particularly enjoyed tasting them afterwards. Many were encouraged to buy sweets for relatives, however we predict only empty wrappers will be left by Friday. 

Free time culminating in French Boules, Badminton, Table Tennis or the adventure course was thoroughly enjoyed before dinner and the evening activity of making their own crepes. 

A great day was had by all and if nothing else the children certainly ate well.

School Journey - Day 1

Year 5 and 6 had a cracking first day in France. The children enjoyed visiting Vimy Ridge during the day and then loved an evening spent at the beach. The children have behaved superbly so far, but room inspections on the morning of Day 2 were a bit of a shock! 

Year 1 & 2 Hall Place Trip 14.5.19

y12trip1 y12trip2 y12trip3 y12trip4 y12trip5

On Tuesday 14th May, Year One and Two had a very exciting day out to Hall Place in Bexley.  After travelling by bus, we arrived for an interesting workshop about seeds and growing plants.  We were able to plant our own lettuce seeds which we will be growing at home.  After that, we went outside and planted some cabbage plants.  In the afternoon, we went on the Tremendous Tree Trail where we identified lots of trees and learnt lots of fascinating facts.  We spent some time learning about tropical plants in the greenhouse.  Finally, we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and finished up with some fun games in the park.  It was a lovely day enjoyed by all! 

Mrs Clary and Mrs Tuerena