School Journey - Day 2

Day 2 

After an early start (for some), the children and staff enjoyed a game of cricket on the beach as well as a paddle in the sea. Some children attempted digging holes back to England... unsuccessfully. 

They then enjoyed learning how to make croissants and bread at a local boulangerie, almost as much devouring them afterwards. The theme of food continued in the afternoon as the children explored how to make sweets at Becasuc (Sweet Tooth). Children particularly enjoyed tasting them afterwards. Many were encouraged to buy sweets for relatives, however we predict only empty wrappers will be left by Friday. 

Free time culminating in French Boules, Badminton, Table Tennis or the adventure course was thoroughly enjoyed before dinner and the evening activity of making their own crepes. 

A great day was had by all and if nothing else the children certainly ate well.