KS1&2 Craft Clubs visit Colomo Court Nursing Home

On Friday 16th June, a group of West Lodge children visited the Colomo Court Nursing Home.  The children were members of either KS1 or KS2 Craft Club and went to work with some of the residents on a joint art project.  In small groups, the children created stunning canvases of brightly coloured flowers using cupcake cases, buttons, ribbons and glitter!  The children were wonderful with the  residents, and the morning was a great success.  The visit was to coincide with National Care Home Day, and it was a very special experience for both children and residents.  Thanks go to Mr Hankin for driving the minibus and Mrs Dubbey, who coordinated the visit.  The biggest thanks, however, go to the children for their impeccable behaviour and fantastic creativity. 

Mrs Clary

Reception's trip to Wingham Wildlife Park

On Wednesday June 7th, Reception travelled to Wingham Wildlfe Park near Canterbury. The children took part in a hands-on session where they were able to get up close to a corn snake, a tarantula and a bearded lizard – very exciting! Around the park, Reception were able to see lions, a tiger, a cheetah, a puma, different varieties of monkeys, exotic birds, lots of creepy crawlies, porcupines, goats and bats. The children were particularly taken with the meerkats and the penguins. The free roaming peacocks and chickens provided endless amusement! After a session on the outdoor play equipment and a walk around the animated dinosaurs, Reception were grateful for a rest in the minibus for the return trip.

Mrs Stroud


Year 1 Magical Toy Museum Workshop

On Thursday 8th June, Year One took part in a fantastic “Magical Toy Museum” workshop with the  Freshwater Theatre.   The children became toy experts and spent time looking at a selection of interesting toys, from all different periods of time.   Clive, our curator, told them lots of fascinating facts, including how the first teddy bear was named after the American President, Theodore Roosevelt!  The class got to do some great drama, games and even had a dolly disco!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning about toys in such an unusual and engaging way, and all had a lot of fun!

Mrs Clary

Fantastic Gun Dogs Workshop

On Tuesday 6th June, John Robertson from the Gun Dog Company, visited West Lodge with six of his gun dogs including two puppies. Due to the high winds and rain, the workshops had to be held in the school hall. This meant that the dogs had to work in a confined area and the children had to be very quiet so that the dogs could hear the instructions. All the children who wanted to work with the dogs were able to, which provided great excitement especially when the dogs went off in the wrong direction! The pupils were very confident when giving the dogs commands and were delighted when the dogs obeyed! We are very pleased to announce that five pupils were selected to go forward to the National Finals next term and two pupils were selected to go to Buckingham Palace. It was a great day enjoyed by the pupils and staff. 

Mrs Webb

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Year 5 and 6 - Athletics Afternoon

Year 5 and Year 6 went to Erith athletics track to try and train our athletics skills. We worked on javelin, shot-put, running, high jump and long jump. Shot-put is a game played in the Olympics where you have several metal balls with different masses and you have to put it, keep in mind it is not throwing. First depending on which hand you write with you have to stand sideward, then put the metal ball next to your neck and there’s a saying  ‘Clean palms, dirty fingers’. With javelin we had to hold the javelin with all five fingers and in an angle. In order to score we have to land the javelin front end touching the ground first before the back end. But a real professional javelin will throw the javelin and the end will poke into the ground. In running we did relays and learnt the proper position to start a qualified race. In long jump we had an actual sandpit to jump in. We had to run then jump to get the furthest. In high jump we had to test which foot was the foot we used to jump. We had to run at an angle and land on your back. But then it got harder and he placed the long pole that we have to jump over. I was in a group with Louisa, Ionut, Jack, Sienna, Zina, Hannah and Jascha with Miss Barett. I would like to thank Mrs. Masters for arranging this trip. I really enjoyed the trip and I would go again soon.

By Benecia W