Pumpkin Soup with Reception

Before the half-term holidays, Reception enjoyed a fun week based on pumpkins! We read the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and wrote our own recipes for soup. We explored the insides and outsides of a pumpkin and learnt the parts of a pumpkin. On Thursday, we spent a great afternoon in the cookery room making our own pumpkin soup. Just like in the story, it was the best we ever tasted! 

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Freshwater Theatre Visit - Year 2 - 13/10/17

'On Friday 13th October 2017, a lasy from the Freshwater Theatre came to our school to teach us about Florence Nightingale and the very dirty hospitals. There were lots of rats and no pllows or blankets and people had to go to the toilet on the floor. The bandages weren't changed. Some of us dressed up as nurses and went on a pretend train journey to Scutari in Turkey to help the soldiers who were hurt in the Crimean War. The lady told us that Florence had a sister called Parthenope and I didn;t know that. I loved the workshop and the bit where we dressed up as a nurse.' Grace B

' Today the Freshwater Theatre Group' held a workshop about Florence Nightingale for Year 2. 

We were told to imagine that the hall was a hospital. The class had instructions of what to do.I was a nurse and had to clean the walls of the ward and bandage the injured. I looked after Robery J who was an injured soldier. We also sang to make the soldiers feel better.

My favourite part was learning about Florence Nightingale's strange pet, an owl!' Harvey L


'The workshop was on Friday morning. An actress called Alice delivered the workshop. The workshop was about Florence Nightingale. My favourite part was being a soldier. I didn;t know that Florence had a pet.' Zak C


'We had  a Florence Nightingale workshop on the 13th October. Miss Florence Nightingale delivered the workshop. She told us all about herslef. Her ambition was to become a nurse. She had to write many letters to her parents and finally they agreed for her to become a nurse. My favourite part of the story was when Florence Nightingale helped the British soldiers during the Crimean War. She introduced hygiene to the militayr hospital e.g changing the bandages, changing the bedsheets regulalrly and cleaning the floors. Lastly, I learned one new fact from the workshop - Florence Nightingale was also known as 'The Lady of the Lamp.' Joachim W

Wednesday 11th October – School Games Mixed Tag Rugby

On Wednesday 11th October, our Year 6 Tag Rugby team attended the School Games Mixed Tag Rugby tournament at Hurstmere.

The team were excited and raring to go as soon as we arrived at the event. After a quick warm and briefing, the 12 schools were split into 4 pools of 3 teams.

West Lodge began the tournament with a strong and confident start, winning our first game                    . Our second game proved our opponents to be a very strong team, and we unfortunately lost this game.

A win and a loss meant West Lodge were then sorted into a final pool of 4 schools all competing for 5th to 8th places. We kept up team spirit throughout and played our final 3 games and were ranked 8th in the tournament overall.

The team were a fantastic representation of the school and should be very proud of their efforts. We look forward to playing some friendly Tag Rugby fixtures against Farringtons after half term!

Many thanks to Mr McCabe for training the team and for bringing them to this event.

Miss Ayling

Year 4 Trip to the Apple Store - Thursday 19th October

To complete our first half term, a very excited Year 4 class hopped on the bus to the Apple Store in Bromley. We had completed our research on Sutton Hoo in class throughout the week, and were now going to create Podcasts of our understanding.

We received a very warm welcome to the store, and couldn’t wait to put on our Apple t-shirts! We started the session off by discussing what we already knew about Sutton Hoo. We were then given a demonstration on how to use GarageBand to record our Podcast.

We sorted ourselves into pairs and groups of three, and wrote down our notes on the iPads. We then had a go at recording our Podcasts, taking our time to listen back and to edit as we went along. When we were happy with our recordings we started to include some Intro and Ending music.

When we returned back to West Lodge we listened to all of our Podcasts in the classroom. We had a mixture of musical podcasts, with some even completed as a rap!

Thank you very much to Mr Peebles for organising the trip, and to the parents who accompanied us. The staff in the Apple Store were extremely complimentary of the children’s behaviour and were very impressed with the class!

Year 5 go back in time...

The day Year 5 went back in time… On Monday the 16th October, Year 5 along with Mr Weighill, Mr Francis, Miss Barrett and two of our governors, Mrs Murray and Mrs Rohan, visited Southwark Cathedral to learn about what life was like for a poor Victorian child “lucky” enough to attend school. As soon as they arrived, Mr Weighill’s class were asked to change into Victorian clothing and become children who would have attended the church school during the Victorian era. First of all, they were marched into the courtyard and instructed to take part in some physical education - lunges, marching etc. Soon after, the children then thoroughly enjoyed vocal gymnastics, spelling, handwriting and arithmetic lessons taught by two scary Victorian teachers. Even though it was intimidating, most of the children quickly realised the ladies were acting. Even so, the children actually quite enjoyed being told off for being left handed, mispronouncing their ‘threes’ or having dirty fingernails. They also enjoyed being reminded that “Speech is silver… Silence in Golden!” After a hugely anticipated lunch, children  then enjoyed learning about the washing process and guessing the functions of different Victorian artefacts. Both activities were extremely entertaining and were equally engaging. On the way home, the children were extremely positive about their learning experience and it was a delight to hear them discussing their favourite parts of the day. The conversation then changed to colour of the sky caused by dust from the Sahara, which was an eerie sight to see and initiated much discussion. Year 5 should be proud of their behaviour throughout the day and were described by the Southwark Cathedral staff as a credit to their school! Well done Year 5!

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