Joining West Lodge School

The Nursery at West Lodge is very much part of our school and is therefore the starting point for the children’s journey with us. Children join Nursery in the September following their third birthday and when it is considered that they are able to cope with the more formal requirements of school. Nursery children may attend weekly for any number of sessions between five (the minimum) or ten (the maximum). Parents may review their preference and increase the number of sessions.

We hope this website has given you a flavour of our school with the virtual tour, parent interviews and videos. However, nothing replaces a visit during the school day so if you like what you have seen, please make an appointment to visit the school where you can truly get a feel for West Lodge. It will be our pleasure to give you a tour, to answer your questions and to introduce you to the staff and children.

In recent years there has been significant demand for places so in order to secure a place at West Lodge children routinely start in Nursery, either on a full or part-time basis. Places are offered based upon the date of registration although we aim to maintain a gender balance in classes. At entry in Nursery there is no form of selection although offers are made following the completion of a taster day.
Occasionally places arise in other year groups and when this is the case children are invited for an assessment and taster day. Offers will be made based upon the outcome of the assessment and the time spent in school.