Geography is concerned with the study of places and the human and physical processes that shape them.

At West Lodge, children begin to develop their geographical skills in Foundation Stage through the ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’ area of learning. They learn about the changing seasons and their homes and local area.

As children progress through the school, they develop their knowledge of their local environment and learn to carry out surveys and investigations to support this. Children also learn how to compare and contrast two different localities in the world and to appreciate their place and responsibilities in a global community.

Aspects of physical geography are also covered including mountains, rivers, coasts, volcanoes and the weather.

Map skills play a key part in our Geography curriculum and each year, children build upon these skills and learn to locate the continents, oceans, rivers and mountain ranges on world maps as well as developing their ability to use keys and OS maps in their studies.

Children will be encouraged to relate what they learn to other subjects across the curriculum. Fieldwork is also undertaken in order that children are able to use their acquired geographical skills in a practical context.

Mrs Tuerena - Acting Head of Geography