KS 2 - Years 3 - 6

This Key Stage completes your child’s journey through Primary School. During this journey we, at West Lodge, aim to develop pupils’ independence, perseverance, resilience, confidence, research skills, willingness to take on responsibility, self-organisation and overall a love of learning. By the end of this Key Stage we expect pupils to be equipped with the subject skills, growth mindset, good manners, presentation skills and commitment to their education that will put them in good stead for their Secondary School.

The curriculum becomes more formalised and structured, yet retains breadth and variety to facilitate enjoyment.

Pupils will notice an increase in pace and content. There is more specialist teaching so pupils meet a greater number of adults. As the lessons and activities take place in a variety of settings and situations, it is important to label clothes and property to prevent loss or confusion.

As a love of reading is developed, so the emphasis changes from hearing pupils read daily at school to children reading daily for homework and teachers hearing pupils read as necessary. By Year 6 there is less emphasis on the reading of the text to greater discussion about the content, pupil choices of reading matter and the use of inference and deduction.

In Mathematics, we seek to develop pupils understanding of different methods of calculation as well their abilities to tackle extended collaborative tasks and problems and to explain their reasoning.

The nature of homework changes and often pupils are given longer tasks requiring more perseverance, application and/or research, and an expected greater amount as a result but also more time in which to do it.

Developing independence, organisation and responsibility is one of our strengths. It manifests itself in many ways: from simply being prepared for the next lesson to representing the class on the School Council and, by Year 6, setting up the hall for assembly, reading the School Prayer, taking on the role of organising charity events. In Year 6, all children take on several duties throughout the year in order to facilitate the running of the school. These may range from being a House Captain or Sports Monitor to helping in the Nursery/Reception playground at lunch times. We have found that the children very much enjoy taking on these extra responsibilities and it is a terrific opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills at an early age.

The performing arts are highly valued at West Lodge as well as academic achievement. Pupils are encouraged to join the Choir and all pupils have a School Orchestra lesson, where every child is playing an instrument; be it stringed, brass, woodwind or keyboard.

The annual Year3/ Year 4 Spring term production and the Year 5/ Year 6 end of year production are also enthusiastically supported.

During Key Stage 2, pupils are offered an increasing variety of sporting opportunities through clubs and PE lessons, delivered by experienced and qualified coaches, including Tag Rugby, Tennis, Swimming and Netball.

We try to ensure all pupils in Key Stage 2 are given equal opportunities to experience cultural events such as The Young Shakespeare Company’s annual workshop, visits to museums, History Days, themed weeks, visits to the theatre culminating in the Year 5 & 6 Residential week. These give the children experiences not just for academic development but also social development.

Finally, as well as ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum we are supportive of those pupils who undertake Secondary Transfer tests or entrance exams by offering opportunities to learn and practise the skills required. These begin, gently, in Year 3 and are further developed in Years 4, 5 and 6.

In all of these activities we recognise, value,  and are appreciative of, the role played by parents and the importance of the teacher/ parent relationship which help guide our pupils to achieve, and in many cases extend beyond, their potential.

Mr Weighill – Head of Key Stage Two