SEN and Learning Support

At West Lodge School, pupils who are experiencing any difficulties in their learning are identified from an early age. The class teacher in consultation with parents and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) will then put strategies into place to support a child’s learning, which will be recorded on the class provision map.

These strategies and the child’s progress are monitored carefully and regularly reviewed with parents. Where appropriate, the SENCO may undertake informal assessments with parental permission, to ascertain whether further support is needed from external specialists such as speech therapists, educational psychologists or occupational therapists. Where concerns are raised over a child’s mental well-being advice from CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Services) will be sought.

Pupils needing additional support may receive in-class support from a TA (Teaching Assistant) or receive small group or individual support outside the classroom from either a TA or the SENCO. Children receiving individual support will have their own Individual Educational Plan (IEP) which sets out specific targets and strategies for the term. These are drawn up by the SENCO in consultation with the class teacher and parents. Children contribute to their care by working with the SENCO to draw up termly Pupil Passports, setting out their achievements, needs and targets.

West Lodge is an inclusive school and reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure equal access to the curriculum for all children. Staff, parents and children work together to ensure a child’s individual needs are met.

Mrs Masters - SENCO