Admissions & Prospectus

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Children join Nursery in the September following their third birthday and when it is considered that they are able to cope with the more formal requirements of school. Nursery children may attend weekly for any number of sessions between five (the minimum) or ten (the maximum). Parents may review their preference and increase the number of sessions. The Foundation stage is open for the minimum of 35 weeks of the school year. This is less than the 38 weeks entitlement under the Early Years’ Grant. In Nursery we build upon the children’s learning skills, emotional development and sociability, from Reception the children move up in September into Year 1 and thereafter at the same time each year through to Year 6.

Children may join the school in any year group in September and at other times provided there is a vacancy in their appropriate class. Children are not admitted out of year group. Admission to the school is at the Head Teacher’s discretion.

You can download a copy of the Registration Form by clicking here and the propectus here.

Registration does not constitute an offer or guarantee of a place.

Curriculum Organisation

The amount of time spent on any aspect of the curriculum is agreed by staff after due consideration of the requirements of the National Curriculum and the specific aims of the school. Staff share a range of expertise and work together as a team to support every area of the curriculum in the best interest of each child.

Lessons are timetabled and include activities outside of the form classroom including: art, Design Technology, Food Technology, music, orchestra, ICT, swimming, gymnastics, dance, netball, football etc.

Within each class, pupils may be grouped by ability for mathematics and English. They may also work individually, in a group or as a whole class, depending on the activity.

M43A4392Extra Curricular Activities

These activities take place after school in the form of clubs from 7.45 am - 8.30 am and 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm. Children elect to join the club for a term and the charge is £3.50 per session for the early morning clubs and £4 per session for activities taking place after school. The activities may change from term to term and according to the particular expertise of the staff involved. A full list of clubs currently available can be found by following the Club Schedule link.

Annual School Journey and Educational Visits

During the summer term the Years 5 and 6 children spend one week on a school journey. Currently this is alternating between Le Pre Catalan in northern France just south of Calais and Osmington Bay in England.

There are many adventurous outdoor activities available at the centres and the children also benefit from visits to places of local interest.

Throughout the year there are opportunities within school for pupils to explore a variety of subjects through educational workshops and visits from invited guests. All Class Teachers organise outings to venues and events, which support curriculum work.

Consultation and Reports

Class Teachers are available to talk to parents at the end of the day. Alternatively, an appointment can be made through the school office, to discuss any matter relating to your child's education with class teacher or the Head Teacher. Parents may also be reassured that, should the need arise, they will be contacted promptly by the school.

There are two Parents Evenings evenings a year and an Open Evening where staff are available to discuss children’s progess. Reports in the core subjects and a general comment will be sent to parents of Key Stage 2 children in December and a full report will be sent to parents of all pupils in July.

School Hours

Children may arrive from 8.15 am and should enter school by the separate entrance accessing the side-gate where they are welcomed by the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff. Children should not cross the car parking area, which is constantly in use. Playground supervision is provided until the bell is rung at 8.40 am when the Class Teacher collects the children. The side-gate is closed at 8.40 am and any children arriving after this should enter school via the front door and be signed in, in the School Office by the adult bringing them to school. The Nursery and Reception classrooms are opened at 8.30 am when the Class Teachers are on duty and parents are welcome to then take their children to their classroom.

Nursery children finish school at noon (if they are attending for the morning session) or at 3.15 pm as do the Reception pupils. Year 1 and 2 finish school at 3.20 pm. Children in Years 3 - 6 finish school at 3.30 pm. Pupils attending After School Clubs will usually finish activities at 4.30 pm unless otherwise stated. All pupils are dismissed at the side-gate where they should be collected by their parent(s) or other nominated adult. Parents of pupils who are to be collected by any person other than the parent or nominated adult must inform the school of this fact prior to collection. This may be via the pupil's Contact Book, or via the School Office. Staff are not allowed to release children into the care of anyone other than the parent or nominated adult. In cases where a change to arrangements has not been notified, then the School Office will try to contact the parent for confirmation. If this is not possible then pupils will remain in school in accordance with our Child Protection procedures. Children left on the premises after 3.40 pm/4.35 pm are taken into our Crèche facility for Nursery to Year 2 or Homework class for Years 3 to 6. After 4.30 pm Homework and Crèche amalgamate. The cost is £5 per session (3.30 pm to 4.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm) A snack is provided at 5 pm and all children should be collected by 5.30 pm. A charge of £5 per 15 minutes, or part thereof, will apply for each pupil who is not collected from Creche by 5.30 p.m. Parents should note that 5.30 p.m. is the closing time for Creche and that this charge is required to cover the costs of extending our childcare provision beyond this time.

Parents with children in Crèche who wish to contact the school after the office has closed at 5pm may contact the Supervisor on the school's mobile telephone number to advise of any delay or of any relevant urgent information. Details of this number are provided to parents in the Class Handbook and are also detailed in the Contact Details of the Parents' pages of the school's website which are viewed via their personal login.

Please note that any pupils remaining in school after 5.35 pm, and where no message has been received, will be cared for in accordance with the terms of the Child Protection Policy.

Emergency and Urgent Communication

Any incident requiring urgent attention may be communicated immediately by telephone, email or by speaking with the parent/teacher at the beginning or end of the day as is considered appropriate in the particular circumstances. As cases of emergency do arise unexpectedly it is vital that the School Office is advised of any changes to the Emergency Contact details held for each child. This includes the child's and parent/s home address/es, home, work and mobile telephone number/s and any other changes in personal circumstances which may affect who is appointed as the primary and secondary emergency contact.

Please contact the School Office to obtain a Contact Form to update emergency contact details at any time during the school year.

Sickness and Accidents

In accordance with the Education Act we now have to log unauthorised absence and therefore parents must telephone the school office before 9.30 am, to advise that their child will not be in school.

If a child is unwell prior to school then it is advisable for them to stay away, at least, for that morning. A child should be fully recovered from illness before returning to school. This is in the best interests of the child and in maintaining the health of other children in school.

No child should be in possession of pills or any other medicines in school. Staff members are not allowed to administer any medications other than in very exceptional circumstances. If medication is required during the day then parents will be required to come into school at an appropriate time to administer this.

Staff will care for pupils who become unwell during the school day. Where it is felt necessary for the child to be sent home early, then parents will be telephoned to arrange to collect them as soon as possible. Parents will be advised by telephone immediately in the case of incident involving an injury or blow to the head. First-aid care is available by trained staff members. However, this is for minor incidents only and we will contact parents or the emergency services if the illness or injury is of a serious nature.

The school must be notified of any medical condition that may affect a child’s well-being and educational progress such as food allergies, diabetes, asthma etc. Epi pens prescribed to pupils with serious allergies are kept securely in the child's classroom, in the school office and staff have been trained to administer these in an emergency and of the need to immediately call the Emergency Services thereafter. The school is designated a nut free zone and products containing such ingredients are never knowingly allowed onto the premises.

Inhalers for asthmatic pupils must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and given to the class teacher who will hold these for use as required. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that repeat prescriptions are obtained so that the medication is available if required and that this is in date.

M43A4409Pastoral Care & Discipline

The school promotes a caring attitude between all its members and guides each child towards the achievement of self-control and self-discipline. Our pupils follow a Code of Conduct, which was drawn up by the pupils. Class Teachers know each child as an individual and have primary responsibility for the care and discipline of pupils in their class.

We have developed a Home/School & Pupil Agreement as we consider that a close working partnership between home and school is essential to achieving good behaviour and effective learning.

Discipline may involve the class teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or other member of our teaching staff speaking with an individual child about any matter breaching school rules or our Code of Conduct. Pupils may lose a star or House Point and occasionally pupils will be withdrawn from a lesson for a short while or have a playtime withdrawn to reflect upon his or her conduct. In any cases of withdrawal the child will continue to be supervised by an adult at all times.

Most matters are of a minor nature and are simply dealt with by reminding the pupil of our Code of Conduct and by suggesting alternative ways of dealing with problems. We generally ask for an apology where the misbehaviour has been admitted. On resolution the matter is at an end.

If behavioural or any other problems are causing particular concern or occurring frequently then parents will be informed of this and invited to come into school to discuss the matter.

Voluntary Help in School

We welcome parents and friends who can spare any time to assist us in school. The children will meet our volunteer helpers in various activities: art and craft, creating scenery and costumes, computing, refereeing, daily reading, during library sessions. All of our helpers are CRB/DBS checked and we are most grateful for their contribution to school life. Volunteers also help with school outings.


We hold an assembly each morning for children in the Foundation Stage, and four mornings a week for children in Key Stages 1 and 2. Parents are invited to join our class assemblies and to join us for coffee afterwards. On Fridays we hold a 'Showing' assembly where children from each of our classes are encouraged to show and talk to the other pupils in school about their work. We also celebrate birthdays and present Merit Certificates, other school awards and House points during special assemblies.


Pupils throughout school are encouraged to read daily at home with parents. In Nursery, letter sounds and, when appropriate early reading books are sent home. In Reception, alongside reading books, handwriting practice sheets are sent home once a week. A Sound and Word book is also sent home to reinforce sounds and high frequency words. In KS1, Years 1 and 2 children are set various tasks to complete during the week, but these should take no longer than 30 minutes each evening. In KS2, the homework set for the Junior classes becomes more structured and the amount of time expected to complete the work set each evening increases to 40 minutes in Years 3 and 4 and 45- 50 minutes in Years 5 and 6.

Parents’ Association

All parents become members of the West Lodge Parents' Association when their child enters the school and new members are always welcome to join the Committee.

The WLPA relies solely on the support of the parent body to attend social functions and to support and assist at fund-raising events throughout the year. At West Lodge we are fortunate to have an extremely hardworking Committee and team of volunteers who successfully raise valuable funds, which are used to advance the education of the pupils. The WLPA is instrumental in fostering close relationships between staff, parents and children within school and extending our association with other individuals and organisations within the local community.


The car parking area is for use by staff and delivery vehicles only. Parents should not park on the forecourt when bringing their child to school or when collecting their child at the end of the day or from after school clubs or Creche. In the event of collecting a child from school due to illness or in an emergency then parents may use the forecourt, provided an appropriate space is available.

In normal circumstances, would parents please park sensibly and with consideration for our neighbours, in one of the side roads and walk with your child to the entrance providing access to the side-gate using the School Crossing Patrol if necessary. Please do not walk with your child through the car parking area, which is in constant use, to access the side-gate. Please use the pathway leading from the paved area to and from the front door when the side-gate is closed.

School policies on other matters may be viewed on request via the school office.