We have many methods of communicating with our parents.M43A4726

Contact Books

Each pupil has a Contact Book that is checked daily and by which teachers and parents may communicate with each other as necessary.

Class Handbooks

Each July, pupils transferring to the next year group in the following September, attend an Induction Morning in their new classrooms to meet their next form teacher and to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. To support this transfer, a Class Handbook, which provides a wealth of information about the forthcoming academic year is issued to parents. Parents of pupils joining the school at other times during the year also receive a copy of the relevant Class Handbook prior to, or as soon as their child enters West Lodge. Many routine enquires are answered in this informative booklet.

Foundation Evening

Each September we hold a Foundation Evening to which all parents of pupils in the Nursery and Reception classes are invited to attend. This is an opportunity for parents to meet all of the Staff with whom their child will come into contact in the Early Years. The Foundation Co-ordinator hosts the evening and parents hear from various speakers about the academic and social activities in which their child will participate. Parents can also view various displays with examples of the resources used in the Nursery and Reception classes to support the six identified areas of learning.

We are certain that this particular event is instrumental in reassuring parents of our absolute commitment to the welfare of their child and our understanding of the significance to parents of this particular stage in their child's life journey. After the presentation, parents are invited to join us for refreshments and both the Head Teacher and Staff take the opportunity to answer, in an informal atmosphere, any concerns or comments arising from the meeting.

Curriculum Evening

During the Autumn Term the school holds a Curriculum Evening for parents of children in Years 1 to 6. This provides an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s new teacher and to hear about the curriculum that will be taught during the year. There will also an opportunity to talk to the class teacher and the specialist teachers.

M43A4879School Reports and Routine Correspondence

Documents such as School Reports and letters, for example permission slips etc are sent to parents either by post. email or are taken home in the pupil's school bag, which should be regularly checked for such communications. Some routine documents will also be available to download from the Parents' Section of the School Website in case previous copies have been mislaid, please use your personal login to access these.

Emergency and Urgent Communication

Any incident requiring urgent attention may be communicated immediately by telephone or by speaking with the parent/teacher at the beginning or end of the day as is considered appropriate in the particular circumstances.

As cases of emergency do arise unexpectedley it is vital that the school office is advised of any changes to the contact details held for each child. This includes the child's and parent/s home address/es, home, work and mobile telephone number/s and any other changes in personal circumstances which may affect who is appointed as the primary and secondary emergency contact.

Matters of a Personal Nature

Any matters of a personal nature will be communicated in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy and usually via the Head Teacher.

Verbal Communication

Parents may speak with their child's Form Teacher or the Head Teacher, (and/or the Deputy Head Teacher when the Head Teacher is unavailable), at any time on a matter of urgency. In the case of routine matters it would be appreciated if parents could make an appointment either directly with the Form Teacher or with the Head Teacher via the School Office.

Contact via the School Office

The office is manned between 8.15 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and parents may telephone or visit the office between these hours. After 5.00 pm the telephone is switched to an answer phone service and all messages will be dealt with during the morning of the next working day. Calls will be prioritised depending on the content of the call. Parents may also contact the School Office by email.

Advising of Absence through illness

We have a legal requirement to provide details of any unauthorised absences, therefore it is essential that you telephone or email the School Office before 9.30 am each day, if your child is to be absent through illness.

Advising of Absence for Appointments or Holiday

We have a legal requirement to provide details of any unauthorised absences. It is therefore essential that any requirement for leave to attend scheduled appointments are made in writing or email and approved in advance. This would include for example appointments to attend hospital, the dentist or optician, for external examinations such as ballet, music or to sit a school entrance examination etc.

Any request for holiday leave must be made in writing to the Head Teacher, for approval in advance. Parents should note that absence for this reason during term time is discouraged.

Concerning the Collection of Children after School

Children should be collected promptly from school at the correct time, either by their parents, a close relative or other nominated adult of which the School Office has details such as a Registered Nanny.

If pupils are to be collected from school by any other person, which includes the parent of another child at the school, then the Form Teacher, Crèche Supervisor or the adult in charge of the After School Club attended by the child, must be advised of this in advance. Please use your child's Contact Book or telephone/email the School Office whenever such an occasion arises. It is not sufficient for the child or the collecting adult to advise us of the change in circumstances. In this event, it will be necessary for the School to contact the child's parent for confirmation, before the child can be released into alternative care.

Contact with the Homework/Crèche Supervisor

The Homework/Crèche facility is available between 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm. Parents with children in Crèche, (or who have been taken there as they have not been collected from school by 3.35 pm or 4.35 pm if attending an After School Club), may contact the Supervisor directly on the school mobile telephone number to advise of any delay or of any other relevant urgent information. Details of this number is provided to Parents in the Class Handbook and is also detailed in the Contact Details of the Parents' pages which are viewed via their personal login.

Please note that any pupils remaining in school after 5.35 pm, and where no message has been received, will be cared for in accordance with the terms of the Child Protection Policy.

Information Bulletin

The Information Bulletin is published at the beginning each term by email and includes items of general information and updates to the Diary Dates. Parents may access this online via their personal login. 

What's On

A Summary of recent events is included in the main pages of our website.

Pupils first names and surname initial only are included and where photographs are used these do not identify individual pupils. Permission is sought from parents allowing for the use of their child's photograph and work in both/either/or none of any school publications and the school website.

The school takes its responsibilities in this respect very seriously and parents are required to keep their login details to the school website strictly for personal use only. Any infringement of this may result in the access to the Parents' Section being denied.


A Newsflash section is included on the Home page of our website and as a separate link. This is used in conjunction with communication via the School Office to advise parents of any critical items requiring urgent attention.

School Noticeboard

The School Noticeboard is located to the right of the side-entrance gate and contains many items of information of interest to parents. The board is updated regularly to provide a snapshot of current affairs.