Instrument Tuition

For Instrument Tuition please contact the School Office.

Individual lessons with private tutors are held within school for your child to learn an instrument. At present pupils may receive tuition, subject to availability, on the following instruments.M43A4820  M43A4548

Violin – From Reception

'Cello - From Year 3

Piano - From Reception

Brass - From Year 3

Flute - From Year 3

Guitar - From Year 2

Voice – From Year 3

Clarinet – From Year 3


Please note that piano tuition is available only to pupils who have access to a piano, or to start with, a keyboard at home. There is very limited availability for tuition if your child wishes to start in either Reception or Year 1.

All pupils in Years 3 - 6 have recorder lessons on a group basis as part of their music lessons.

Any pupils wishing to begin lessons should contact the school office. In some cases there may be a waiting list.

M43A4640Lessons are held in one of the music rooms and take place within curriculum hours. Lessons are rotated so that pupils are not absent from the same lesson each week. Tuition for pupils in Year 6 is arranged during break or lunch, as far as possible, to enable their studies to be uninterrupted.

Fees are charged on a termly basis for 10 lessons. Fees are payable in advance, directly to the tutor. It is possible to hire an instrument which will be invoiced by the office at the beginning of each term and you will be given this information should your child wish to have lessons. Please note that if, without prior agreement, payment has not been received by the due date, the tutor reserves the right to withhold tuition.

Discontinuing lessons

If you wish to discontinue lessons then a half-term's notice admitted by letter and addressed directly to the Instrument Tutor as well as an e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is required.