School Houses & Points

The School House System at West Lodge School helps to teach children the value of teamwork and good behaviour.

We place a high value on learning about working as a team, developing responsibility and the benefits of good behaviour, so the School House System is an important part of the West Lodge experience.

All children are allocated to one of the School houses upon entry and this is central to our reward system that recognises excellence in all aspects of school life. House points are totalled each week culminating in a much anticipated termly total.

Throughout the year, children receive points which contribute to the house competitions. Your child will receive house points as rewards for things such as good behaviour, effort, good work, and positive attitude. You can also win extra points for your house through house events.

Each year there are a wide range of house events reflecting our broad and engaging curriculum. These range from sports events to the annual Maths, Reading and Poetry Competitions. Each event is keenly contested and the variety of activities provide lots of opportunities for children to enjoy representing their house.

Most importantly, the house activities are good fun and ensure that there is a wonderful sense of inter-year camaraderie generated throughout the school.