Darwin Rocks - Year 5 and 6 Play

For the last two nights, Year 5 and 6 have performed Darwin Rocks to members of their family. And what wonderful performances they were! The children sang the songs beautifully and said their many lines with confidence. It really was a very enjoyable show. Every child in Year 5 and 6 gave it everything to put together a collaborative show and all of them should be very proud. The Year 6 children finished the last song with their favourite memories of West Lodge and what they would miss, which meant many of the audience were in tears by the end. A special mention to the children who had to play extra roles at the last minute due to absence. Thank you also to the parents who provided may of the costumes and to the staff who helped put the show together. Darwin most definitely rocked this week!

IMG 1876 IMG 1859 

A video of the performance can be viewed and downloaded here: Darwin Rocks.