Whole School Art Project - Animals



This half term West Lodge has been crazy about animals! After an original request by some pupils for a whole class art project, the idea grew into the entire school working together. Each class was given the challenge of creating an animals or group of animals from recyclable materials. Nursery and Reception worked together to produce a magnificent kangaroo.  Year One created a terrific tiger and Year Two a stunning giraffe, with the nickname Tinkerbelle! In Year Three a mother and baby crocodile emerged and they were joined by three cheeky monkeys from Year Four. Two elegant flamingoes,  named by the children as Jeffery and Willow, were lovingly crafted by the children in Year Five.  A family of penguins complete with an egg joined them from Year Six.  Finally, from the two after school craft clubs came a group of fabulous frogs and some beautiful dragonflies,  Altogether it has created a spectacular display of the artistic talents of the children and staff st West Lodge.  It has also given the children a chance to see what can be made from materials that have been recycled and they have been able to learn the techniques of paper mache and paper sculpting.  It has been a wonderful experience for all.

Mrs Clary