Year 4 Trip - National Maritime Museum - 12.11.18

On Monday 12th November, Year 4 visited the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, to take part in a Viking Workshop. We had time before our workshop to visit some of the galleries in the museum, including the Tudors and Stuarts and a gallery which allowed us to explore various sea objects.

After lunch, our workshop leader Katherine showed us models and pictures of different Viking ships. We had heard of longboats before as we are making them in class, but we hadn’t heard about Knarr boats before! We learnt lots of new and interesting vocabulary about the boats. The second part of the workshop consisted of us working in groups at different tables to identify objects from the Viking times, which we then had to trade with Rebecca at a market. Some of our groups proved to be quite the traders by asking for a lot of items in return for theirs! The workshop ended with two of our classmates dressing up in typical Viking attire.

Thank you very much to all the parents who came and helped us on this trip. We are looking forward to using our new knowledge in our History lessons.

Miss Ayling