West Lodge Maths Day 13.11.18

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On Tuesday 13th November West Lodge hosted their first Maths Day, with a focus on practical and investigative work. The day started with an assembly by Miss Ayling where we talked about how maths is all around us. She is still waiting to see if anyone can come up with a job that doesn’t involve maths!

Throughout the day, all classes held their own investigations. These ranged from a visit from a giant in Reception, to a Fraction treasure hunt in Year 5.

In the afternoon, we held our very own House Maths quiz for KS2 pupils. Each house had their own team, which consisted of representatives from all KS2 classes. Each team member was then given a specific question to answer. They could choose to either answer the question independently for maximum points, or to ask other children in their house to help. We even had some houses managing to steal some points too! It was an incredibly narrow final score, however Blue house did manage to gain the win! The questions given were difficult, and us teachers are incredibly proud of all pupils – they really did show a growth mindset to overcome challenges!

Well done to all pupils for embracing maths; it was a day that was enjoyed by all.

Miss Ayling

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