Year 3/4 trip to High Elms 29.4.19

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On Monday 29th April, Years 3 and 4 went to High Elms Country park, to take part in some workshops relating to their Science studies. Year 3 spent the morning learning about the 3 major rock types. Using crayons, a rolling pin and a candle, the children were able to recreate sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous ‘rocks’. Year 4 went pond dipping in order to learn about which animals live in a pond habitat, and managed to find a lot of tadpoles! We had some animal finder sheets and used these to help us identify the insects we fished for.

In the afternoon, Year 3 continued their work on Soils and Rocks by investigating the content of different soil types. As true scientists, the children were happy to handle the soil closely, resulting in a lot of muddy hands and a greater awareness of the many layers contained in different soil types. Year 4 spent the afternoon in the woods in order to explore the Woodland habitat. We talked about classifying animals by stating whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates. A highlight of the afternoon was finding a frog hopping along in the leaves!

Many thanks to the parents who came along to help us on this trip!
Mrs Coleman and Miss Ayling