Black History Week

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West Lodge celebrated Black History Month this week, which is a national event celebrated by many primary and secondary schools. At the beginning of the week, the children were introduced to their topic through some excellent drama workshops whilst on Friday the children completed their week learning a dance with Darren from Dance Days. In between, the children also experienced Food Technology, Art and some English lessons that were associated with their topic, which were as follows:

Nursery: Rumble in the Jungle & Handa’s Surprise

Reception: Rumble in the Jungle & Handa’s Surprise

Year 1: Anansi & the Spider – African Folk tales

Year 2: The Life and Work of Mary Seacole

Year 3: The Life and Work of Benjamin Zephaniah

Year 4: The Life and Work of Rosa Parks

Year 5: The Life and Work of Martin Luther King

Year 6: The Windrush generation

The children thoroughly enjoyed the week and found the chosen topics engaging and inspiring. The children then shared their learning with the rest of the school at Monday’s assembly. At West Lodge, we love dedicated topic weeks and feel the children get a great deal out of them. We look forward to the next one.