School Journey - Day 1

Year 5 and 6 had a cracking first day in France. The children enjoyed visiting Vimy Ridge during the day and then loved an evening spent at the beach. The children have behaved superbly so far, but room inspections on the morning of Day 2 were a bit of a shock! 

Year 1 & 2 Hall Place Trip 14.5.19

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On Tuesday 14th May, Year One and Two had a very exciting day out to Hall Place in Bexley.  After travelling by bus, we arrived for an interesting workshop about seeds and growing plants.  We were able to plant our own lettuce seeds which we will be growing at home.  After that, we went outside and planted some cabbage plants.  In the afternoon, we went on the Tremendous Tree Trail where we identified lots of trees and learnt lots of fascinating facts.  We spent some time learning about tropical plants in the greenhouse.  Finally, we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and finished up with some fun games in the park.  It was a lovely day enjoyed by all! 

Mrs Clary and Mrs Tuerena

Year 3 Trip to Greenwich Planetarium

 IMG 20190508 202912 IMG 20190508 193434 IMG 20190508 203225

Year 3 spent a very enjoyable day at Greenwich Planetarium last Wednesday. This trip was to prepare them for their Science topic on Light next term. As the children toured the Universe, they showed their interest and amazing knowledge of our Solar System to their astronomer guide. The children voted on which planets to explore in depth, before moving beyond to explore neighbouring stars and galaxies far away in the depths of space. The trip certainly highlighted the number of budding astronomers in the class.

Mrs Coleman - Year 3 Teacher

Quiz Club National Mathematics Area heat - 8.5.19

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On the morning of Wednesday 8th May, four budding maths enthusiasts in Year 6 took part in the Quiz Club National Mathematics Area heat. The quiz was made up of 35 questions in total, the first 20 testing their mental arithmetic skills and the final 15 tackling problem solving tasks. The team showed how well their mental arithmetic skills are as they did not drop any points for the first 20 questions, scoring full marks and placing joint first with another school. We started off strong in the problem solving section, however answering tricky multi-step problems in only 60 seconds was a challenge. The children performed brilliantly throughout the area heat and placed 2nd overall out of a total of 10 schools, missing out on first place by only 10 points! This quiz proved how important it was to work collaboratively with your team as well as working quickly to calculate answers. The team were an asset to the school and worked extremely hard in this challenging event. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Miss Ayling - Head of Maths

Chess Tournament 3.5.19

IMG 20190503 184446 IMG 20190503 172138 IMG 20190503 195541 IMG 20190503 184742

On Friday 3rd May, members from our Chess Club attended the London Christian School annual chess competition together with 3 other schools from London and Surrey.  Using tournament rules as well as chess clocks for the first time our pupils, from Years 5 and 6, played a tiring 5 games each, back to back, over 3 hours. Our results were a respectable 4 wins and 8 draws, well done! We brought back lots of ideas for our more experienced chess players, which we will start to introduce from the end of the Summer term.

Mrs Calland