Year 2 visit to Leeds Castle 08/06/16

Year 2 visited Leeds Castle on 8th June 2016 in connection with their Science topics this year.

Before their workshop, the children were given a guided tour of the castle and learnt lots of interesting facts about the history of the castle. They were particularly taken with the murder holes and the use of the moat water for bathing despite having been toiletted in!

After lunch (another highlight of any school trip!) the children then took part in a drama workshop retelling the story of Sybil the Cygnet who tries to find her parents once she has hatched and meets lots of other creatures with very different habitats along the way. The children really enjoyed dressing up for this activity and remembered the story well.

The children saw lots of species of bird whilst walking through the grounds and learnt about how they attract their mates and where they nest. They also learnt the different names for the males and females and young.

We were blessed with beautiful weather for the day and the children were full of the information they had learnt at school on Thursday.

Thank you very much to the parents who accompanied us on this visit.

Years 3 and 4 Cricket - 26th May 2016

On Thursday 26th May our 3 and 4 team travelled to Royal Russell to take part in a friendly Kwik Cricket match. Having played them at home only a few weeks ago the children were geared up and excited for another opportunity, this time playing a team of their age.

West Lodge bowled first and showed a great improvement with their on target bowls, rarely giving away any wide balls or no balls. The team communicated well with each other which helped their fielding. Royal Russell showed excellent batting skills here scoring mainly 2 runs or 4 runs.

West Lodge then had their turn of batting. The boys were all able to make some hits, although Louie and Stacey managed to hit the ball far and gain us 4 runs. Royal Russell bowled us quite a few wides, and so Mr McCabe spoke to the children about using the opportunity to hit the ball back if it is wide.

Unfortunately, Royal Russell were the stronger team and won the game 150 to our 135 runs. Both teams showed a great attitude to the game and a great improvement on communication.

Thank you to Mr McCabe for umpiring and to Miss Ayling for scoring.

NSPCC Big Board Games Day - 27/05/16

On Friday 27th May, the children in Nursery-Year 4 took part in the NSPCC's Big Board Game Day. They all looked the part as they came dressed in the colour of their favourite colour playing piece and we even had a Queen from a chessboard! In assembly, we talked about where the children's donations were going and how the charity uses the money it received and we also thought about why board games are important. The children came up with very thoughful ideas including helping younger children to take turns and learn numbers and colours to keeping older children off of their tablets and phones and making them engage in real conversation!

During the morning, the children presented their games to their classes and did some demonstrations and the Year 4 children played some games with Nursery and Reception. In the afternoon, Key Stage 1 and 2 took over the two halls with a sea of Monopoly boards, Guess Who, Cranium and lots of other games. It was wonderful to see the vast array of different games and the enthusiasm of the children as they explained the rules to their games and helped their friends to understand the aims and learn the tactics for unfamiliar games. I cannot believe how many versions of Monopoly that exist and was quite amazed by the skill shown even by Year 2 children in chess!

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and together with the Guess How Many Dice in the Jar game run during the previous week, raised a grand total of £236 for the charity so thank you very much to everyone who donated.

There were 259 dice in the jar and the nearest guess was made by George in Year 2 who guessed 260 and won himself a box of sweet treats for half term!

I really hope that the children continue with their love of board games and are keen to play some of those that they tried for the first time on 27th May, again.

Thank You once again for your support.

Years 4, 5 and 6 Cricket - 12th May 2016

West Lodge's A Team can be very pleased with a very professional but close win against Royal Russell yesterday afternoon.

West Lodge bowled first and did really well to keep Royal Russell's score to a total they knew they should be able to beat.

Everyone bowled and fielded very well but we need to mention Johvan, who bowled out two batsmen in a row, losing our opponents 10 runs and George, who calmly ran out another, Walton almost running out another, too.

The good fielding made the job easier for our batsmen, who were given a good start by Jack and Ionut, followed by Lucas and Walton. Walton hit two sixes but he and Lucas, followed by Johvan and Billy then concentrated on not getting out, leaving George and Jascha to score 8 off 12 balls to win. Jascha hit a lovely 4 and with a couple of scrambled singles and a wide, they saw us home.

Billy captained his team really well in a good start to our matches against other schools.

Well done, everyone!

Mr Hankin


On Thursday 12th May West Lodge B team (consisting of Years 4 and 5 pupils) played Royal Russell’s 10B team at Sidcup Rugby Club.

West Lodge batted first and scored an impressive 174 runs. Louie and Ben both managed to score a few 4s between them and every pair who batted weren’t caught out and managed to score some runs.

West Lodge then began fielding and displayed excellent bowling, rarely off target. Ben managed to bowl out Royal Russell by hitting the wicket on his first bowl! Isaac also showed some impressive dives for the ball, almost catching someone out.

Unfortunately Royal Russell’s batting was strong and they scored 185 runs. Both teams displayed great sportsmanship and produce some wonderful bowls and hits. Credit goes to the Year 4 boys as they were up against the year above.

Thank you very much to Mr Sandys who kindly scored for us, having thought he was only going to be watching a game of cricket!

Miss Ayling

U10 Girls' Rounders - 27/04/16

On Wednesday 27th April, a team of Year 5 girls went to a friendly Rounders tournament hosted by Breaside. They had only had two sessions to practise but were in high spirits and excited to get started.

The first match was against Blackheath Prep School and West Lodge won this match 6-4. There was some great fielding and batting by both teams. The following match was against Babington House and West Lodge continued to play well, winning 3-2. Next up were Merton Court and this was an incredibly close match where Merton Court scored a last minute half a rounder meaning they won 3-2.5!
 Unperturbed, West Lodge then faced Breaside's two teams. The first match ended in a 6-4.5 win for Breaside and the second, a 3.5-1 win for them.

The girls all enjoyed the afternoon and deifnitely improved their team work throughout the afternoon. We are looking forward to more practice and hopefully some more matches and tournaments this term.


A Chelton