Year 5 Rounders - Breaside

On Wednesday 27th April Mrs Chelton took a team of Year 5 girls to a Rounders day at Bromley Cricket Club, hosted by Breaside school. The girls enjoyed playing coached matches against Merton Court, Blackheath Prep, Blackheath High and Breaside. The girls did very well to win two of their matches and sadly just missed out on the rest of their matches. All the girls agreed it was helpful to have these friendly matches with teachers there to both support and coach the girls as they played. They all played brilliantly and should be very pleased with their achievements.

Year 2 Football – Virgo Fidelis

On Tuesday 26th April Mr McCabe took the Year 1 and 2 boys to the ISA London South Year 2 football festival at Virgo Fidelis. West Lodge entered two teams into this festival and all the boys were very eager to take part!

Both teams played 5 matches and displayed great skills, particularly when passing the ball and working as a team. The Year 2 team were very unlucky to lose 2 of their games and did very well to draw 1 and win their last 2 matches. The Year 1 team played very well considering they were up against teams made up of Year 2 children. Although they were unlucky in their games they clearly enjoyed participating. All the boys should be very proud of their achievements and behaviour at this fixture!

Silly Socks Netball Tournament - 18th March 2016

On Friday 18th March, our U10 team were involved in the Silly Socks Netball Tournament at Farrington’s. The event saw 11 teams all wearing crazy socks, play some fabulous netball and raise money for the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young,)

Our U10 team has some very new recruits who have only recently started coming to practice but as they were so keen, came along to watch and substitute as required.

The first match played was against Breaside’s A team and they beat West Lodge 4-2. Next up were St Christopher’s A team who also beat West Lodge 8-0. After a team talk where out more experienced players were encouraged to play as we know they can and to come up the court more, the team then played Blackheath High’s A team and won this match 8-0! Feeling more positive, the team then met with St Olave’s A team and beat them 9-1. The winning streak continued when the team played St David’s A team who they beat 7-0, Finally, were Farrington’s A team. This was a tough match and West Lodge were defeated 3-0.

Well done to all the girls who played in the tournament and thank you to the parents who came along to support the team.

We now have a term to practise, practise, practise before the new Netball season begins in September.

Good Luck!

Year 4 Trip to the Science Museum

On the 29th February 2016 Year 4 went on a school trip to the science museum. We went by coach and all the people at the back played a really fun game. It took an hour to get there and an hour to get back.

When we got there we put our bags away and went into the museum. The first bit we went to was exploring space where we saw rockets and planets it was very fun.

We got there by coach and it took about an hour and a half. When we got there we put our bags down and had a look around in our groups. After we had a workshop where a man was talking about electricity and how he got named the Father of Electricity.

When we arrived I was really excited because I hadn’t been there for ages! As soon as we walked in I recognized the steam train I saw before. It was massive, so was the museum. We headed straight to the space area as we thought it would be interesting. I found out lots of facts about going in space e.g Astronauts eat food out of bags, and they wear nappies.

When we arrived we were very excited. We had 20 minutes so we looked in the space gallery and saw lots of different things. Then we went to a workshop about Michael who invented electricity using a magnet, copper and mercury. It was quite confusing but good!

We went to a workshop and learnt about Michael Faraday. We learnt that he was called the Father of Electricity. Then we went upstairs and I learnt about medicine. I tricked Jay into touching a pole and he got an electric shock, I was laughing so much!