Handwriting Week


Well done to all of the children and staff who made a considerable effort to improve their handwriting during last week's focus. The wonderful work produced by all of the children made choosing one winner of ‘most improved handwriting’ very difficult for the teachers of Reception, KS1 and KS2 but congratualtions to the well-deserved class winners. We will continue to review handwriting in all classes to ensure the high standard achieved is maintained.

Mrs Coleman

Year 5 Victorian Day 15.10.18

vict13 v8

The day Year 5 went back in time… On Monday the 15th October, Year 5 along with Mr Weighill, Mr Francis, Mrs Tuerena and two of our parents, visited Southwark Cathedral to learn about what life was like for a poor Victorian child “lucky” enough to attend school. As soon as they arrived, Mr Weighill’s class were asked to change into Victorian clothing and become children who would have attended the church school during the Victorian era. First of all, they were marched into the courtyard and instructed to take part in some physical education - lunges, marching etc. Soon after, the children then thoroughly enjoyed vocal gymnastics, spelling, handwriting and arithmetic lessons taught by two Victorian teachers. Even though it was intimidating, most of the children quickly realised the ladies were acting. The children enjoyed the strict instructions and old fashioned rote learning, as well as being reminded that “Speech is silver… Silence in Golden!” After a hugely anticipated lunch, children then enjoyed learning about the washing process and guessing the functions of different Victorian artefacts. Both activities were extremely entertaining and were equally engaging. On the way home, the children were extremely positive about their learning experience and it was a delight to hear them discussing their favourite parts of the day. Year 5 should be proud of their behaviour throughout the day and were described by the Southwark Cathedral staff as a credit to their school! Well done Year 5!

Whole School Art Project - Animals



This half term West Lodge has been crazy about animals! After an original request by some pupils for a whole class art project, the idea grew into the entire school working together. Each class was given the challenge of creating an animals or group of animals from recyclable materials. Nursery and Reception worked together to produce a magnificent kangaroo.  Year One created a terrific tiger and Year Two a stunning giraffe, with the nickname Tinkerbelle! In Year Three a mother and baby crocodile emerged and they were joined by three cheeky monkeys from Year Four. Two elegant flamingoes,  named by the children as Jeffery and Willow, were lovingly crafted by the children in Year Five.  A family of penguins complete with an egg joined them from Year Six.  Finally, from the two after school craft clubs came a group of fabulous frogs and some beautiful dragonflies,  Altogether it has created a spectacular display of the artistic talents of the children and staff st West Lodge.  It has also given the children a chance to see what can be made from materials that have been recycled and they have been able to learn the techniques of paper mache and paper sculpting.  It has been a wonderful experience for all.

Mrs Clary

West Lodge Horse Riding Club

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Horse Riding Club is well under way this term. The West Lodge Riding Club has been meeting every Tuesday after school between April and October since 2014. It has produced a number of accomplished riders. Here, they learn a variety of equine skills such as: sitting and rising trot, turning, reversing, cantering and small jumps, as well as general horsemanship. They also get to go on a hack through beautiful woodland during the summer. The Riding Club is open for children from Year 2 – 6, and is always over-subscribed. A West Lodge member of staff accompanies every lesson and hack.

Mrs J Elsley

Harvest 2018

On Thursday 27th September, we held our first musical events of the term with the Harvest celebrations.  In the morning the Early Years and Key Stage 1 children beautifully sang harvest themed songs and very confidently recited the poems they had learned. It was lovely to see so many parents joining us for the event and Reverend Kathy from St Johns Church helped us all to appreciate how fortunate we are to have the produce we enjoy.

In the afternoon, the older child gave their harvest performance and, once again, sang and performed their poems with confidence. This included a break with tradition in Year 5 where a class rap was very confidently delivered. Reverend Kathy used the children to bring the Parable of the Sower to life and reminded us all that sadly there are so many people locally and nationally who struggle for food. We are, therefore, very grateful for the many donations to the foodbank collection and proud that the West Lodge community can help local people. Thank you to everyone who so generously contributed items which were taken by the School Council to the foodbank.

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