On Friday, the staff and pupils in EYFS hosted a Fathers' Day Pizza Party. The children prepared games that their dads enjoy, such as football, hockey and tennis. We all then enjoyed some delicious pizza made by the children before the dads received certificates and listened to a lovely poem. It was a wonderful afternoon and thank you to everyone who came! 🍕

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Deaf Awareness Assembly/ Hearing Dogs 14.6.18

West Lodge welcomed Tania, John and Charlie from Hearing Dogs on Thursday 14th June to spend time with all of the children. In an assembly, Tania explained to all of the children how Charlie the dog helped John at home and in the community. The children asked some excellent questions and were then very excited to meet Charlie. Mr Francis then asked the children to think of ideas of how we can raise money for Hearing Dogs next term. For more information, please visit

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Year 3/4 Sleepover 8.6.18

On Friday 8th June, West Lodge hosted the first ever sleepover at the school for Years 3 and 4. It was a wonderful success. Thirty extremely excited children were able to enjoy Gordon’s Magic (an interactive magic show) that started the evening off brilliantly. The children then got ready for bed and enjoyed watching a movie whilst devouring pizza in their sleeping bags in the Main Hall. Eventually, all of the children managed to get to sleep despite their obvious excitement. The children loved staying at school with their friends and even though some were apprehensive about being away from home for a night,  they will have taken a lot out of the experience. The school sees this event as being a stepping-stone for school journey. The children then enjoyed a lovely breakfast before heading off to start their weekend at 8.30am on a Saturday morning. Thank you to all parents and staff who supported this event. Your children will remember this experience for a long time.

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Forest School: Thursday 7th June

On Thursday was Reception Group 1's final session of the year. We celebrated in style by toasting marshmallows on a BBQ! The children then got free time to do their favourite Forest School activities. Forest School has been amazing for the Reception children this year. It has built up their confidence and teamwork skills and they have had to take risks and approach new challenges. Group 2 will go next week and have their turn at toasting marshmallows! 

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West Lodge has Talent! 5.6.18

What a wonderful way to start this half term. West Lodge has Talent was an extremely successful event in which children from Reception to Year 6 were able to show off their talents. It really was a variety show as there were many different types of acts ranging from dancing and singing to comedy and magic. It really was a difficult to decision to pick a winner, but Mrs Webb, Mr Hankin and Mrs O's combined scores meant that Ben, who had memorised 85 flags off by heart and successfully recognised fifteen out of fifteen randomnly selected ones came out on top. Congratulations to Ben and the rest of the finalists, who really put on a wonderful show. A huge thank you our  judges for their time and to Miss Beckett, who organised such a fantastic event. Watch out Simon Cowell!

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