At West Lodge, Music is an integral part of the ethos of the school which is that of promoting confidence and encouraging creativity. Each year group is given two class music lessons a week. The focus of Foundation Music is developing vocal and rhythm skills with a heavy dose of fun. Moving to Key Stage One, the children continue to sing a great deal and also to explore Classical Music and therefore develop their listening skills. The ukulele as a class lesson is introduced in Key Stage Two and the lessons are generally more formal with the children learning about the structure of music. The vocal content of the lessons progresses to part singing culminating in three of four parts by the end of Year 6. Composition and Music Technology are introduced.

West Lodge offers Piano, Violin, Guitar, ‘Cello, Vocal and Flute lessons. The emphasis is on performing with many early morning concerts being held as well as two evening concerts. There is also a performance at the beginning of every assembly. Children take ABRSM exams with many children leaving the school having attained Grade 5 or more.