SEND & More Able

West Lodge is an inclusive school and we recognise that all of our children have differing talents and abilities.

Our teachers are skilled at differentiating their teaching and use a range of teaching styles to meet the needs of all of our children.

Alongside teacher judgements, we track the children closely using twice yearly standardised tests and our own bespoke tracking system throughout the year to monitor the children’s progress against key objectives for each year group.

Progress for all is our key focus. This is closely monitored for every child and is central to everything we do.

More Able
A range of strategies are used to identify the more able in all subjects and the curriculum is adapted to meet their needs. All teachers promote challenge in their classrooms and involve pupils in their own learning.

Pupils are encouraged to take control of their learning and become increasingly autonomous. Children move from being a recipient in the classroom to effective learners who understand more about their own learning and develop their curiosity and creativity by extending and deepening their understanding and knowledge. Stimulating and probing questions give children the freedom to develop their thought processes, whilst challenging and deepening their understanding.

In addition to differentiated and personalised work and a rich extra-curricular programme, our more able are encouraged to participate in a range of challenges, competitions and enrichment activities.
At West Lodge we value the individuality of all our children and are committed to giving them the best environment in which to achieve the highest of standards. Children requiring support benefit from Individual Education Plans which set out key targets and goals. These individual targets are shared with parents and reviewed termly with our Special Needs Coordinator (SENDCO). Focussed teaching with teaching assistants and the SENDCO enables children to achieve these targets and they benefit from well differentiated classroom teaching as well as interventions.